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The purpose of Al Menconi Ministries is to
help parents and leaders understand, connect with,
and communicate values to their children.
News You Can Use : May 20, 2014

How to Monitor Apps on Your Child’s Device

We live in a mobile world and as such, parents are buying their children iPod touches, Android tablets, and smartphones. It simply is what people do nowadays.

But what are parents really giving their children access to? What can they do with that device? The scary answer is: anything they want. How can a parent monitor apps their child downloads and uses?

Lets put this topic into perspective. Currently Apple’s App store is home to an estimated 700,000 active apps and the Android store has nearly 600,000. And they are growing. Nearly 940 new applications are submitted each day to Apple’s App store and 828 apps daily to the Android market.

Do you know how your children are using their mobile device? What apps are they downloading? Which ones do they use to communicate with their friends? What games they are playing?

If you can answer those questions, you are in the minority.

So how do you stay informed about how your child is using their mobile device?

Here are some simple things you can do as a parent to stay informed.

Take an App Inventory

Periodically check the apps your child is using on their device. Remember, apps can also be inserted into subfolders. On iOS devices this function is called “nesting” and on Android devices it is called “stacking.” It is important that you open these subfolders and monitor apps inside each folder. Not checking these subfolders will likely cause you to miss applications installed on your child’s mobile device.

Application Categories to Be Aware Of

As you are looking through the different applications on your child’s phone it will be come quickly apparent that you do not know what everything does. Here are few basic categories to think about.

Internet Browsers – Both iOS and Android devices come with pre-installed Internet browsers. It is important to know that these are not the only avenues to access the Internet. Additional Internet browsers can be installed, such as Dolphin and Atomic. These pathways to the Internet need to be identified.

Social Media – This category includes common apps such as Facebook and Twitter. These apps allow you to connect with others by sharing pictures, posting comments, etc. Snapchat is another example. This application allows people to share photos in a unique way. There are many more applications that fall into this category and it is important that they be identified on your child’s device.

Games – Popular apps such as Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies fall it into this category. There are games that will allow you to communicate and play against other people. A game like Words with Friends allows two people to play against one another. Parents need to be aware of games that have a social aspect to them.

Research, Research, and More Research

Once you start doing an application inventory on your child’s device it will become quickly apparent that there are apps that you know nothing about and your child does.

When you run across apps that you do not understand, take the time to do a little research. Search for the name of the application on the Internet and learn about what it is, what it does, and how it is used. You will also run across other helpful information that will better equip you as a parent and allow you to make a judgment call as to whether it is acceptable for your child to use that specific application.

This research will also allow you to have a more informed conversation with your children.

Locking Down Your iOS Device

While the strategies listed above are good starting points, Covenant Eyes recommends you take steps to monitor apps more strategically. To do this, we recommend you take steps to lock down your child’s mobile device.

Step 1: Install an application like Covenant Eyes that will monitor how the Internet is being used. (Note: Installing the Covenant Eyes app will not monitor the entire phone. The Covenant Eyes app becomes your Internet browser.)

Step 2: Set restrictions. On your iOS device, turn off the ability for new apps to be installed without your permission, turn off Safari and other browsers so that an app like Covenant Eyes is the only way you can access the Internet, and turn off any additional functionality you do not wish your child to have access to.

Watch this video tutorial on how to lock down your iOS device and use Covenant Eyes.

Locking Down Your Android Device

Step 1: Install an application like Covenant Eyes that will monitor how that Android device is being used. The Android application of Covenant Eyes is different than the iOS version. Installing Covenant Eyes on your Android device will monitor all Internet traffic on the phone’s pre-installed browser and report additional apps that are being used onto the device.

Step 1: Android does not have the ability to disable the installation of apps like iOS devices. For that reason we recommend that you install an app that gives you the ability to password protect specific apps on the phone like the App Market. (Update for April 2014: The Covenant Eyes Android app also has the ability to lock down other apps on the device.)

Watch this video tutorial on how to protect your Android device.

Being a parent in the digital age is hard. There is no doubt about it. Luckily, these strategies can be put into effect to help protect kids using mobile devices.

Pure Minds Online | Issue 28 | January 2013 | More in this issue: “Think On These Things” | 3 Reasons Married Couples Use Covenant Eyes | Get the Latest Pornography Statistics | Five Tips to Jumpstart Your Accountability

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February 18. 2014
December 10, 2013

Setting Basic Entertainment Guidelines

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How To Ruin a False Worldview
A Simple Plan to Teach Your Child To Think Biblically
Who Are You, Why Are You Here, Where Are You Going?
Is It Enough To Be Saved?
Jump Start Your Spiritual Warfare Prayer Life

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How To Ruin a False Worldview
A Simple Plan to Teach Your Child To Think Biblically
Who Are You, Why Are You Here, Where Are You Going?
Is It Enough To Be Saved?
Jump Start Your Spiritual Warfare Prayer Life

The purpose of Al Menconi Ministries is to
help parents and leaders understand, connect with,
and communicate values to their children.

We live in the United States of America, but our children live in the United States of Entertainment

New research by Kaiser shows the typical youth 11 thru 18 spends more than 7 hours 30 minutes a day with some form of entertainment media such as TV, video games, etc. When you add nearly two hours a day texting that amounts to nearly 10 hours a day absorbing the values and culture of today's entertainment industry.

The vast majority of young people raised by Christian parents will not live for Jesus as adults.

Is there a relationship between our children's entertainment choices and their relationship with Christ? It is important that our children learn how to think biblically, not merely what to think. Al Menconi Ministries would like to help you accomplish this crucial task.

What is Al Menconi Ministries?

Al Menconi Ministries is an evangelical, non-denominational, 501 c-3 not-for-profit ministry designed to help parents and youth workers understand and communicate biblical values to young people.

Our mission is to educate and equip Christian parents, leaders, and youth to consider the values communicated in their entertainment and encourage choices consistent with God's Word. We accomplish this by providing practical, balanced resources on today's entertainment for the church, school, and home. We like to emphasize the words "practical" and "balanced" because we challenge our audience to think, not merely tell them what to think.

One of our resources for churches and schools is Al's seminar for parents

What Others Are Saying

”I believe that God has truly gifted Al Menconi and given him an important message for our day.  Parents and teens alike are both challenged and encouraged to think through their entertainment choices, to determine whether or not those things are helping or hindering their walk with Christ.”

Miles DeBenedictus, Pastor, Calvary Chapel of Escondidio


"Al specializes in speaking about today's culture and its impact on someone with a biblical worldview. Al's message is contemporary, articulate, research-based, enthusiastic, and biblical. I highly recommend Al for any convention or conference setting."

Dr. Randy Ross, ACSI Ohio River Valley Regional Director


"Al was down to earth, funny, very prepared and very involved with his audience. His love and concern for kids, family relationships and family communication was very evident.  

All of our sessions are recorded for sale to our attendees and Al was by far the most purchased of our speakers. 

I encourage any convention or church to have Al Menconi as a speaker about teens, the family, and communication."

Jack Boogaard, CHEFA (Homeschool) Convention Chairman


 “Al is one of our most popular speakers at our Sacramento ACSI Teachers Convention.  His seminars are always packed with teachers and administrators who are looking for help in communicating values to their students.”   

Rohn Ritzema, ACSI Northern California Regional Director 


“Al Menconi’s message to teens and adults is hard hitting, to the point and biblical. He relates to students and parents regarding the real issues in our culture and provides you with practical ways to deepen your walk with Christ and not compromise in this wicked and perverse generation.”

Pastor Tim Hearron, Operations Manager
, Calvary Chapel Christian School, Downey, CA


“Some of the best parenting advice I’ve ever read.  I found great ideas and a ton of wisdom on every page of this very practical and encouraging book.  Each chapter is wonderfully illustrated with stories and anecdotes from Al’s many years of experience both as a parent and a professional.  Absolutely great stuff!”

Wayne Rice, A founder of Youth Specialties


“Our parents really enjoyed Al’s presentation. It was timely and relevant. He gave them the big picture on kids and media, and also some practical tools for them to start using at home. The technology is developing so fast these days, and most parents can’t keep up. But Al Menconi does. In two hours, he opened parents’ eyes and minds about what’s influencing their kids. A very helpful seminar. Our parents were glad to learn all they didn’t know!”

Mark Friestad, Children's Pastor, North Coast Calvary Chapel


"Thank God for Al Menconi! His message helped me set wise guidelines for my children."

Josh McDowell, Author and National Conference Speaker


"Al Menconi and Al Menconi Ministries have been helping educate parents and young people for over 25 years. As an eighth grade student some 30 plus years ago I had the fortunate experience of having Al as my Bible teacher and coach. His influence on my life is a big part of why I am serving the Lord today.

The message he brings when he speaks to parents and young people will change lives for the kingdom of God. Take the opportunity to have Al speak to your group."

Dr. William Harris, Superintendent Masters Academy, Oviedo, FL  


"Al Menconi is a much needed voice for today's family. He is biblical, relevant and offers positive solutions."

Tim and Beverly LaHaye, Author and Christian leader


The purpose of our ministry is expressed by one parent's response:

"You helped me understand my son and you gave me practical solutions to win him back."

Al's Story

Al spent more that ten years in Christian education as a teacher, coach, counselor, and administrator. During that time, he spoke at churches and Christian schools, helping families understand they can win the spiritual war for their children's minds. In 1982, Al started Al Menconi Ministries speaking across America full time. Al became a recognized expert in understanding today's youth and helping parents and leaders understand, connect, and communicate values to their kids.

Al has appeared on numerous radio and television programs including The 700 Club, many programs on the TBN and CBN networks, The Minirth-Meier Radio Clinic, Armed Forces and Moody radio networks, and countless other radio and TV interviews.

Al has written extensively on today's entertainment media and parent/child communications. He has authored a number of books related to these issues. He has been a regular columnist for Homelife, Living With Teenagers, and Crosswalk.Com, and has appeared in Christian Parenting Today, Moody Monthly, Christian Reader, CCM, Plugged In, Focus on the Family, AFA Journal, Dad's Only, and scores of other Christian periodicals. Al became a Christian in 1971.

After teaching in San Diego Public School system from 1970 to 1972, he started teaching at Christian Unified School of San Diego in 1972 to 1982.

Al founded Al Menconi Ministries in 1982 as an evangelical, non-denominational Christian ministry based in Carlsbad, CA. Al lives in Carlsbad with his wife, Jan, who teaches at Santa Fe Christian Schools.

Al and Jan have two adult daughters and two grandsons.

Where has Al Spoken?

Churches: contact our office for a complete list

Abundant Life Church, St. Louis, MO
Bethesda Missionary Temple, Detroit, MI
Calvary Chapel, Downey, Escondido, Las Vegas, Oceanside, Mira Mesa and others
Calvary Church, Santa Ana, CA
Champion Forest Baptist, Houston, TX
Christ Presbyterian, Nashville, TN
Church of the Open Door, Glendora, CA
Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido, CA
Evangelical Free Church, Kearny, NE
First Baptist Church, Lake Park, FL
Fullerton Evangelical Free, Fullerton, CA
Grace Church, Edina, MN
Grant Memorial Baptist, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lake Avenue Congregational, Pasadena, CA
New Life Community Church, Rathdrum, ID
Overlake Christian, Kirkland, WA
Park Avenue Methodist, Minneapolis, MN
Pantego Bible Church, Arlington, TX
Pulpit Rock Church, Colorado Springs, CO
Rolling Hills Covenant, Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Seacoast Community Church, Encinitas, CA
Sunshine Christian Reformed, Grand Rapids, MI
Wheaton Bible, Wheaton, IL
Willow Creek Community, South Barrington, IL

Christian School Conventions/Conferences:

Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Christian School Teachers Convention at the following locations: Asilomar, Anaheim, Birmingham, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Greensboro, Hawaii, Houston, Knoxville, Orlando, Portland, Sacramento, South Bend, Sturbridge, Washington DC Florida Association of Christian Colleges

Home School Conventions:

Anaheim, Columbus, Lincoln, NE, Modesto, CA, Wichita, KS

Sunday School/Christian Workers Conventions:

Chicago, Denver, Hayward/Oakland, Houston, Kansas City, Mid-Atlantic, Omaha, Pasadena, New Jersey, New England, Seattle, Spokane
National Youth Leaders Convention
Youth Specialties Convention
The Gaithers Praise Gathering for Believers
Salvation Army Conferences


Forest Home Christian Conference Center, Forest Falls, CA
Hume Lake Christian Camps, Hume, CA
Josh McDowell Family Camp, Julian, CA
Northern Pines Family Camp, Lake Geneva, WI

Schools and Colleges:

Briercrest Bible College, Caronport, Saskatchewan
Grace College, Winona Lake, IN
Greenville College, Greenville, IL
Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL
Multnomah School of the Bible, Portland, OR
Pacific Christian College, Fullerton, CA
Point Loma Nazarene College, San Diego, CA
Talbot Theological Seminary, La Mirada, CA
Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL
Winnipeg Bible College and Seminary, Otterburne, Manitoba


Astroworld, Houston, TX
Atlantafest, Atlanta, GA
Christian Artists Music Seminar, Estes Park, CO
Cornerstone Festival, Chicago, IL
Creative Ministries, Lancaster, PA
Gold Coast Concerts, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Great America, San Jose, CA
Jesus Northwest, Vancouver, WA
Kingdom Bound, Buffalo, NY
Spirit West Coast, Del Mar and Monterey, CA

The purpose of Al Menconi Ministries is to
help parents and leaders understand, connect with,
and communicate values to their children.
Recent Article Summaries

Setting Basic Entertainment Guidelines

How To Ruin a False Worldview

A while back on BreakPoint, I talked about a teenager who attended a worldview training camp run by Summit Ministries. The young man complained, tongue in cheek, that worldview training had "ruined" movie watching for him. He could no longer watch films without automatically searching for the worldview messages.

A Simple Plan to Teach Your Child To Think Biblically


The vast majority of young people raised by Christian parents will not live for Jesus as adults.  There are only two reasons for this devastating statistic.  One, we don't have the right answer in Jesus Christ and our faith is based on a lie.  Or two, we aren't teaching our children to think biblically.  Of course, the answer is the latter.  

In my years of ministry, the majority of parents I have met spend more time telling their children WHAT to think instead of taking the time to teach them HOW to think.  This short video will give you a practical step by step plan for showing your children how to make wise choices and to think biblically.  

Who Are You, Why Are You Here, Where Are You Going?

There is nothing more difficult than watching helplessly as your child is hurting. I recently had a conversation with a friend about his adult daughter. She had grown tired of being married to her husband of less than a year and was leaving him to have an affair with a co-worker. I have never seen my friend cry in all the years I've known him, but he was sobbing at our table in the middle of a restaurant as he shared his heartache with me.

She said she "needed space" and she needed to "find out who she really is." Here is a young woman who was the "perfect" child. She never missed Sunday school and was a star student at the local Christian high school. She graduated from a strong Christian college with honors. She was never a rebellious child nor a discipline problem. Her parents were led to believe everything was just fine. Obviously it wasn't!

This young lady was struggling with life's three basic questions: 1) Who am I? 2) Why am I here? and 3) Where am I going? How we answer these questions will dictate our attitudes and choices in life. But for the committed Christian, the answers are clear: 1) We are children of God; 2) We are here to glorify God; 3) We are going to meet God and give an account for our life when we die.

The vast majority of the population--including my friend's daughter and many Christians--are terribly confused when it comes to these issues. Why? I believe a key reason is that we accept the misinformation given to us in our entertainment.

Who are we? Some of today's most popular music, movies, and television programs reinforce the lie that we are simply animals without a soul. "Despite all my rage / I'm still just a rat in a cage" is a typical lyric of hopeless angst from one of the top rock groups, the Smashing Pumpkins. But we are not merely animals, hopelessly trapped in a cage called life. We are the children of God, who have hope because he sets us free from all the world's traps!

Why are we here? According to most of today's entertainment, we are here solely to find personal pleasure and instant gratification. "Look out for number one, cause nobody's going to look out for you." This is a major theme in today's entertainment media, but is this really why we are here on earth? No. Our purpose is to please God, not self.

Where are we going? Most of today's entertainment doesn't acknowledge an afterlife. A vivid illustration of this attitude is presented in the song "1999" by Prince. The song suggests we should party as if it's 1999, because we're all going to die in the year 2000--and then it's all over. Death is treated as if there was no heaven and no hell. Most of the entertainment media is like the fool in the Bible that lived by the principle of "Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die." But is that all there is? God's Word tells us that one day everyone will give an account of what they have done with their life on earth. Death is not the end. It is really just the beginning.

It's not enough to be a well-behaved child. They must be equipped to face the hard realities of life. If our children are going to be firmly established in life, we must do more than tell them to be "good and obedient." We must help them understand who they are, why they are here, and where they are going. end of content

Is It Enough To Be Saved?

Is it enough to be saved?  What if we don't "grow" in our faith?  Is that wrong?  How should you respond to these questions?  The 5th chapter of our But It Doesn't Affect Me! book addresses the issue of spiritual maturity and how can we encourage our teens to grow in their faith.  You can read the whole But It Doesn't Affect Me book in less than an hour, so you should be able to read this 5th chapter in 2 or 3 minutes.  

Jump Start Your Spiritual Warfare Prayer Life

Did you realize you have fully armed invisible army surrounding you, whose goal is to destroy you spiritually?  Satan and his minions have thousands of years of experience destroying the faith of Christians bigger, stronger, and more mature than you and I.  What hope do we have?  Our only hope to protect us from Satan's barrage of spiritual warfare is Jesus Christ and our dependence on Him! 

List all articles

The purpose of Al Menconi Ministries is to
help parents and leaders understand, connect with,
and communicate values to their children.

Al Menconi addresses over 50,000 people (church leaders, school teachers, parents and their children) each year. He has developed a series of seminars that specifically address the issues of media, biblical values, and the Christian family.

Seminar Resources :: Promotional Tips

Tips for Promoting Al's Seminar

Why We Do This Seminar
In the spiritual warfare of life, the ammunition is the entertainment media! Seventy percent of children raised by Christian parents will not live for Jesus as adults. Here are two key reasons for this frightening statistic:

  1. Parents have a tendency to simply tell their children what to think instead of how to think.
  2. The entertainment media is teaching our children to live a life that is diametrically opposed to Christianity.

The purpose of Al Menconi coming to your community is to help parents and leaders deal with the entertainment media from a biblical perspective, set biblical guidelines for their home, and to teach their children to think biblically. This is not a youth rally for kids to make emotional decisions, but a time for parents to seriously reconsider how they are communicating moral values to their children. It is vital that parents of all ages attend. The following suggestions should help you coordinate this event.

Al Menconi Ministries would like to thank you for coordinating the Al Menconi seminar and meetings. It takes a lot of time and energy to promote an event like this, and we're certain the people who attend will appreciate your efforts. We would like to thank you in advance for all your hard work. It is our hope and prayer that Al's time with your organization and community will be a life changing experience for all concerned. Your efforts are crucial to make this a special time. Do not attempt to do this alone--especially if you have other responsibilities at the church. Delegate each area to key people who have the same commitment as you to make these meetings a success. Here are a few ideas that have proved to be successful over the years.

Prayer Is the Key
We have found that when an event is saturated in prayer, amazing things happen! Begin the process of prayer right now. Print a request for prayer for the Al Menconi Meetings to run continuously in your church bulletin, newsletter and all appropriate noteboards from the time you receive this until the week of the meetings. Al is a good communicator and very entertaining, but his words will simply echo off the walls that aren't coated with prayer.

Since the people we are trying to reach have children, do your best to provide childcare during the meetings. Mature junior high and senior high students can help watch the younger children. Al likes to tell the story of when his girls were toddlers and his wife said she would go anywhere they had free babysitting. You want to make it convenient for the people who need to be there the most: young parents.

Dinner at Church
If it is appropriate, and you believe that it will encourage more parents to attend, you might want to provide a simple dinner. Chili, spaghetti, or sandwiches are easy to prepare for a crowd and it could be an incentive for busy parents to attend.

Does your church have a newsletter? We will be glad to send one of Al's recent editorials for you to reprint. It will give your readers an opportunity to be challenged as well as see Al's heart.

Newspapers, Radio and TV
Contact the local newspaper (Christian or mainstream) in your area. They usually have a community events calendar and the entry is often free for churches. Do this as soon as possible. Papers usually need the information weeks ahead of the event. If you have the budget, buy an ad using the poster on the enclosed disk). Do this continuously for two or three weeks before the event. Al is also open to do radio and print interviews over the phone. Most Christian radio stations and newspapers are eager to interview Al a week or two before the event. Don't limit your requests to Christian newspapers and radio. Mainstream papers are always looking for a "good interview" for a community event.

Local Churches and Organizations
Post the enclosed poster at local Christian bookstores. Most Christian bookstores have a section for this purpose. Al's ministry focus is to teach Christian parents and leaders of all denominations. Let this be a time when all the churches and Christian organizations in your community come together, not just your denomination. Contact all the local churches and send each a poster and ask them to post it in their bulletin and Sunday school classes. Follow up the poster with a phone call the following week to see if they need more. This is a good time to answer questions. Call us if we can help in this area.

Again, thanks for your commitment to making a change in the families of your community! Please let us know how we can help.

Sponsor Resources

Welcome and thanks for sponsoring one of our seminars. The most important thing to start now is PRAYER! Please have your staff, friends, everyone(!) start praying that God will do a mighty work at this event.

In this section, you will find everything you need to promote an Al Menconi Seminar. Just click on any of the links below for resources you'll need to promote this event effectively in your community.

(These links are for Word documents and PDFs that you can download and 'tweak' with your specific information.)

Pastoral Letter

Parent Letter

Sample Bulletin Insert

Sample Poster/Flyer

Sample Press Release

Photos of Al to download

Keep Kids Safe booklet

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Pictures of Al

If you need photos of Al to use in your promotion, we have several options for you, including a color TIFF of Al.

If you only need low resolution photos, you can use any of the photos on this site. Try these:

Please contact us if you have any other photo or graphic needs.

KEEPING KIDS SAFE IN AN INTERNET AGE Parents and/or teachers seminar

We are in a spiritual war; and the majority of the ammunition aimed at our families comes from today’s entertainment industry.  If this is true, setting guidelines for your family and teaching them how to think within those guidelines is not a side issue – it is the most important thing we can teach our children.  We must teach our children HOW to think biblically, not merely WHAT to think.

This 1 ½ - 2 hour session provides parents and leaders valuable information on how to understand and combat the influence of today’s entertainment media on the family.  Issues from online gambling, video games, personal sites such as MySpace and Facebook to spam, and pornography are covered from a biblical worldview.

Worship services and keynote addresses

God tells us to make the most of every opportunity because the days are evil (Ephesians 5:15-20). But what does this mean? This passage teaches that to make the most of every opportunity, we need to know God's will for us. In this special message, Al explains how we can know God's will and how to apply this knowledge to our daily lives. Al does this by highlighting a part of this Scripture passage that is often ignored: the connection between God's will and singing in our hearts to the Lord. Singing to the Lord helps us give thanks in all things and, ultimately, this is the basis of making the most of every opportunity. Al teaches this simple truth in a way that is sure to uplift and encourage every Christian.

For adults and youth

How should Christians respond to today's entertainment? If we ignore it, teens tend to assume all their entertainment is okay. If we try to control it, it often turns the home into a battlefield. This practical, informative, and humorous seminar answers excuses like, "It doesn't affect me!" "I don't listen to the words!" 'Everybody does it.' It also shows families how to make positive entertainment choices. Parents should attend to understand how the entertainment industry is undermining biblical values.

A two-session seminar for parents and teachers

Secular entertainment teaches worldly values to our kids every day. How can Christian parents and teachers combat this negative influence? It's not enough to tell our children what to think, we must take the time to teach them how to think biblically, as well. This seminar offers practical strategies to control entertainment in the home, and will help you teach your children to develop biblical values in their life decisions. A must-seminar for every Christian parent and leader

For teachers

Research has found that the majority of young people raised in church will not live for Jesus as an adult.  A major reason is much of today's entertainment undermines the values you are teaching.  This seminar presents a highly practical lesson plan for your classroom to help you see today's entertainment from a biblical perspective and help you teach your students how to think and to make entertainment choices consistent with God's Word. Teachers will come away with a very practical, hands-on lesson plan for their class.

Keynote address for youth conventions, Church worship service

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are Old Testament examples of young people who were able to stand tall when everyone else was bowing to the idol. Columbine High School's Cassie Bernall is a modern-day example of the same kind of faith. How can today's young person stand tall when everyone around them is bowing to the idols of this world? This high energy, motivational challenge will provide Christian youth with the spiritual insight necessary to stand up against the pressure to bow to influence of this world.

Worship services and keynote addresses

Godly music is important to God. Why isn't it more important to Christians? King David understood God's purpose for music in our spiritual lives. Once we understand how godly music helps us to give thanks in all things, we will be able to live more victorious Christian lives. This combination worship service and motivational talk will be a challenge to Christians of all ages.

For parents

When was the last time you told your child why you were a Christian, why you believe in Scripture, why you love God? As your children grow in age, it becomes increasingly difficult to communicate the truly important issues of life to them. In order to really communicate, we must have something in common. This practical seminar will show you how to develop meaningful conversations, so you can clearly communicate the biblical values you hold so dear. Parents will enjoy the use of Christian videos to express their faith in Christ.

The purpose of Al Menconi Ministries is to
help parents and leaders understand, connect with,
and communicate values to their children.
Office Hours:Monday-Friday
8:30-5:00 pm PST
Mailing Address:P.O. Box 131147
Carlsbad, CA 92013-1147
Shipping Address:1945 "A" Rancho Santa Fe Rd
San Marcos, CA 92078

The purpose of Al Menconi Ministries is to
help parents and leaders understand, connect with,
and communicate values to their children.

Current Speaking Schedule

We are presently scheduling for 2013 and beyond. Contact us today. If you would like more information on having Al speak at your church, school or convention, please fill out the request form below.

The purpose of Al Menconi Ministries is to
help parents and leaders understand, connect with,
and communicate values to their children.
CMD Music Diet

The Christian Music Diet (CMD)™ is a free life-changing program designed as part of our  30-day online devotional.

The CMD™ is based on Colossians 2:8 (LB) which says, "Don't let others spoil your faith and joy with their philosophies, their wrong and shallow answers built on men's thoughts and ideas instead of on what Christ has said."

We believe this verse speaks specifically to today’s entertainment.  Think about it!  Isn’t today’s entertainment some man’s or woman’s thoughts and ideas?  This verse warns us not to allow empty thoughts and ideas spoil our FAITH and JOY with their philosophies. 

Before it was a TV program, before it was a movie or DVD, before it was a song, before it was a video game, it was some man’s or woman’s thought and idea.  This verse promises us if we choose to entertain ourselves with wrong and shallow answers that are against what Christ (The Bible) teaches, these philosophies will eventually undermine our faith in Jesus and the Joy of our Salvation. 

How is your faith?  Do you ever think you’ve lost your salvation?  Is there a God?  Is the Bible true?  Is Heaven real? etc.  That’s your faith.  Next question; how’s your joy?  Do you have love, joy, faith, peace, love, etc. Those are some of the qualities of the Joy of your Salvation!  Finally, what are your entertainment choices? 

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The CMD™ is designed to help you see entertainment in the same way I see fattening food when I’m trying to lose weight. One compromise leads to another, and another, and another. Eventually, without realizing it, this will affect us negatively. The Christian Music Diet™ offers positive solutions to help you see life from a biblical perspective and to help you make wise entertainment choices.

How does The Christian Music Diet™ work?

The Christian Music Diet™ is simple. Listen exclusively to Christian music for thirty days while eliminating all forms of entertainment that are against biblical values. That’s all there is to it.  It sounds simple and for many it will not be a big deal. The Christian Music Diet™ will simply reinforce what you are presently doing.

For others, however, The Christian Music Diet™ will be a traumatic experience, as it illustrates how tight a grip entertainment has on your life.  For many giving up 'ungodly' entertainment – even for just thirty days will be like kicking drugs. But like the druggie who is addicted to drugs, take it one day at a time.  You can do it! Don't give up! That is why we have this website and devotional – to help you do it.

For the next 30 days, we will send you articles and Scriptures to help you see entertainment in a new light – from a biblical perspective; as well as helping you develop a new appreciation for the value of Christian music. Each day we provide a short illustration, a question or two to help you digest what you read, a suggested action for you to take, and conclude this daily devotional with a supporting Scripture and application.  

Couldn't I just cut down on the bad entertainment and entertain myself with 'good' entertainment?

Yes you could, but the reason I suggest such a drastic lifestyle change is to give you an opportunity to experience life from a biblical perspective.  Research shows the vast majority of Christians are so immersed in the values of this world through our entertainment choices that we often we unable to discern the difference between what is offensive to God and what is not.  We need to completely withdraw from this immersion of entertainment to see it from God’s perspective.  I’m afraid Christians often make entertainment decisions without a thought of how they might affect our spiritual lives.

The Bible commands us to set our mind on things above. Music is a mind-setter; why not allow it to set our minds on life from a godly perspective? As we do, at the same time, we need to make a stand against negative entertainment.  This is the essence of The Christian Music Diet.

It is our hope you will begin to see life from a biblical perspective. Remember, we are not saying the answer to life is Christian music.  Nor is secular entertainment the problem!  The answer is Jesus and the problem is sin.  This Christian Music Diet™ will simply help you keep your focus on the Answer of Life. 

It's not magic, nor is it some ecstatic experience. It is simply common sense. The Christian Music Diet™ is simply a means to help you set your mind on “things above instead of on this earth.” When you do, you will be at peace. What have you got to lose? Thirty days?

Sign up now! We will not give, sell, or rent your email address or abuse it in any way. It will only be used for our emails – to help you understand the influence the media has on your family and to help you connect with and communicate values to your family. 

The Christian Music Diet™ is like washing your brain with God's Truth. When you do, we believe you will have a clearer understanding of the kind of entertainment that is healthy for your spiritual life.

Aren’t you advocating Brainwashing?

Yes!  We are advocating brainwashing!  You must remember brainwashing isn’t always a bad thing.  Brainwash, wash brain, CLEAN BRAIN.  It is our hope and prayer that our Christian Music Diet™ helps you develop a clean brain.  A clean brain is sensitive to the things that are offensive to a Most Holy God.

Our 30-day devotional will provide you with a daily source of encouragement as it “scrubs your brain.” 

You will find many of the articles are directed to parents as they lead their families. If you are a single adult or a teen, hopefully you will be able to glean biblical principles to help you in your daily walk with Christ.

It is our prayer The Christian Music Diet™ will be more than a legalistic set of rules. Our prayer is the CMD™ will become a life changing experience for you, your family, and friends.

Will you accept The Christian Music Diet™ Challenge? Come on! Join us on a potential life-changing journey.

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