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The Pornography Revolution

This excellent article on pornography by my friend Sean McDowell should be read by every parent in America. The Pornography Revolution By Sean McDowell December 16, 2008, pubished in Awaken and can be read in its entirety at: At the end of last year I lead a class discussion on the topic of Internet pornography (I teach at a private Christian school in southern California). As we discussed openly with each other, a young man sitting in the back became noticeably disturbed by the conversation, which was evident by his body posture and lack of eye contact. He stayed after class to talk and confessed to me that he had been hooked on pornography for over six months. His dad would confront him, yet he would just lie directly to his face. This was not an ordinary kid, but a young man who grew up in a solid Christian home who had a great relationship with his father. He shared with me how he could control every aspect of h