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I recently cancelled the daily subscription to my local newspaper, The San Diego Union Tribune. Local newspapers are dying and they blame their demise on the Internet and other news sources. While I agree with their conclusions, I added my own concerns. If you share the same concerns, you may want to send a similar letter to your local newspaper. To Whom It May Concern: When I called to cancel my subscription, I was asked to give a reason. I would like to explain my decision. Frankly, you no longer publish the news. I have been a faithful reader of the San Diego Union for more than 40 years and formerly I counted on you to tell me what was happening in our community, city, state, and country. I can no longer count on your perspective. I understand that covering the "news" is like studying "history." What a student learns about history depends on what the teacher believes to be important and what the reader learns about the news depends on wh