Safety Settings for YouTube

YouTube can be a fun website to “kill some time” and get some laughs, but not everything on You Tube is appropriate for all the members of your family.  There is a simple way to limit access to much of the questionable – but not all – videos.  First, go to the homepage and scroll to the absolute bottom.  You will find “safety mode.”  The default setting is “off.”   Click “off” once and you will be given an opportunity to choose “on” or “off.” Choosing “on” will limit access to most of the questionable videos and comments.  You can click “save” to save your settings.  If you want to “lock” your settings, click in the “save and lock box” and it will prevent anyone else from unlocking your setting.  You will have to join You Tube before you can use the “save and lock your settings.”  This is free and easy to do.  It won’t block everything, but it will block much of the “iffy” videos and comments.  Let me know if this helps.    


  1. Yay! I didn't know about this. I plan to do it for sure. Thank you sooooo much for the info!!!


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