Subject: End Bullying NOW

Combat Bullying Today 

Whenever I find a new resource that matches and fits our mission statement: "Helping parents understand, connect, and communicate values to their children," I want you to be the first to know about it.

As you know, bullying is a HUGE problem in our country. 160,000 students skip school everyday in America to avoid being bullied. For those that are brave enough to go to school, 6 out of 10 of them witness bullying at least once a day. And it doesn't stop there.  Cyber-bullying is also becoming epidemic.

There is new program that can help.  

My long time friend, Brooks Gibbs, has developed a program to help bring an end to the growing epidemic of bullying and cyber-bullying. Even more exciting, he is sponsoring a FREE telephone seminar to help parents this Thursday, April 29 at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST.

It is more important now than ever to have as much information as possible to prevent your child from becoming a bully.  Even more heart-wrenching, help prevent them from being bullied, whether they are toddlers, pre-teen or teens. 

I urge you to take advantage of his FREE telephone seminar to hear real solutions to END BULLYING. Brooks will be interviewed by another teen expert, Josh Shipp, and they are expecting every slot in the telephone seminar to fill up fast! They have limited spots available, so quickly click on the link below and sign up for the FREE telephone seminar to END BULLYING. There is no cost or obligation.  If you are unable to be a part of the seminar, click on the link below and ask Brooks to send you a free recording of the session.  Hope you can make it.

I fully endorse Brooks' solution to END BULLYING. Students, parents, and schools all over the country including South Hadley High School in Massachusetts who recently lost a student, Phoebe Prince, to bullycide, are using the program he has created.
This is a serious problem, but we CAN and MUST do something. You can start in your own home, with our own children. Bullying affects girls & boys alike!
WE MUST END BULLYING. A reminder, if you are unable to be a part of the "live telephone seminar, click on the link below and ask Brooks to send you a free recording of the session.  You won't be able to participate, but you will still receive a free recording of the whole special session.

Al Menconi,
Al Menconi Ministries


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