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Advice to Parents from Facebook Readers

We posted the following question on the Al Menconi Ministries facebook fan page and received the following comments:   “If you could do it again what would you change about your parenting? This is your chance to let other parents "go to school" on your mistakes.” You may notice the general theme of, "Lighten up and and learn to enjoy your children."  Al Menconi, editor 1. I would chill out more. I put too much stress on my kids to be their best. 2. Not let fear rule... wait more before responding... pray more (even though I prayed tons) but speak less... let gentleness lead me... be careful when talking about a behaviour not to attack the person... don't jump to conclusions... don't assume because a child does not say anything that they have the same convictions as you... draw them out more and ask more what they think about different issues... maybe say "this is what I believe but what do you believe..." 3. The big one I learned is, if

Breaking Free of Compulsive Online Sexual Behavior

Do you know someone who is struggling with online porn? has a free Workbook to help people who are struggling with Compulsive Online Sexual Behavior . I highly recommend this booklet Al Menconi Ministries Parenting help for the Internet age Christian Parenting advice Entertainment advice for parents Keeping Kids Safe In the digital age Keeping Kids Safe in the Internet age

Are You Winning the Battles But Losing the War for Your Children?

I once believed one advantage of having daughters was that my clothes would be safe. After all, girls wear dresses and ribbons and bows, right? Wrong. As my little girls grew older, all my assumptions blew up. My daughters rummaged through my sock drawer, my shirt drawer, and every other clothing drawer. They figured if it fit or came close to fitting, it was fair game. At first I thought it was cute, but then I noticed some of my sweaters were missing. Occasionally, I couldn’t find a T-shirt when I needed one. And worst of all, my daughters were wearing holes in all my socks. I stopped complaining about the missing shirts, but I sure didn’t want the girls wearing my socks outside, getting grass stains on them or holes in the toes. This behavior was a mortal sin when I was a kid. My mother simply would not have allowed it—and I wasn’t about to either. I was going to win this battle! Every time I saw my daughters wearing my socks without shoes, I made sure they knew I was upset.
Sneaky Ways Advertisers Target Kids By  Caroline Knorr  for April 28, 2010  You might think you're  hip to the tricks  that advertisers use to reach kids online. You've seen the ads that play before online games. You know about the flashing banner ads, the contests, the sweepstakes, and even the sponsored Google links that match your search terms. But as technology advances -- and kids gravitate toward new programs and digital devices -- advertisers have found sneakier ways to capture kids' attention. So how are your kids being targeted?  1. Kim Kardashian . Tweets from reality TV stars, musicians, and other celebs can earn them $10,000. That's right, the rich and famous are cashing in on their Twitter fans by tweeting about how much they love a certain product. And unlike sponsored Twitter ads, these celeb tweets are not labeled "Ad." 2. XOXO Gossip Girl Calling . For teens who can't live without news of  Gossip Girl , no problem.

Homosexual Activist Comes Out God's Way!

I received a lot of mail last week when I published my response to Christian artist, Jennifer Knapp, "coming out" about her lesbian lifestyle.  The following is an article from a former homosexual who "came out" as a Christian.  It is important for Christians to read his perspective.   In His, Al Menconi  Christians, it's about love Michael Glatze - Guest Columnist for - 5/15/2010 5:20:00 PM We often feel helpless, in situations. We want guidance. We know we should turn to the Bible; but sometimes we forget. We know we should trust our Savior; but sometimes we get ahead of ourselves – or we get a little too "into" ourselves. This is a common experience for all Christians, myself included. We are commanded by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus, to love Him – and, to love others. Simple commandments; but, we forget these too. Then, lest we should begin beating ourselves up for perceived failures, we can recognize that we are under grace, thus

Principal Says NO to Social Networks for Kids

I agree with Dr Laura 100% on this issue.  I couldn't have said it better. Let me know what you think. Al Menconi Principal Says NO to Social Networks for Kids Dr Laura's Blog May 6, 2010 I am very happy to tell you about my hero, Anthony Orsini, the principal at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Ridgewood, New Jersey.  He recently sent the following email to all parents of children attending his school: Dear BF Community: When I arrived in Ridgewood, Facebook did not exist, YouTube did not exist, and MySpace was barely in existence.  Formspring (one of the newest Internet scourges, a site meant simply to post cruel things about people anonymously) wasn’t even in someone’s mind. In 2010, social networking sites have now become commonplace, and technology use by students is beyond prevalent. It is time for every single member of the BF community to take a stand! There is absolutely no reason for any middle school student to be a part of a social networking site! Let me repe

Answer to mother of 15 year old homosexual boy

The following is my response to the mother of a 15 young man who "came out" as a homosexual.  He had been teased his whole life and this is the first time he has ever felt accepted.  This mother is still against homosexuality as a sin, but she loves her son unconditionally and is so confused.  She wanted her response to be private.    My heart breaks for you and your son. This is one of the reasons I wrote the blog. I am tired of Christians not having a "reasonable answer." Yes, we know it is a sin, but that isn't enough for today's generation. They are told by the media (entertainment and news) from day one that homosexuality is normal and natural. And God made them that way.  NO HE DIDN'T.  God may have made you with feminine mannerisms but He didn't make you lust after another man. That is your choice. Christians need to understand the pressures the "world" puts on us to accept this destructive behavior as normal. If a child has

Superchick Reinvention

Superchick is my favorite active Christian rock band. Is  Toby Mac  a band?  If so, Superchick is one of my two favorite bands.     I know I am an old man, but I still occasionally like to rock.  And nobody does it better than Superchick.  Their infectious pop/rock sound will get you out of your seat and stomping your feet.  Is that bad?  No, I think it is fun.  And fun with a purpose.  If you are too old to rock to Superchick , you are too old.   Their concerts are exciting and loud.  Their passion and energy will grab you and force you to sing their positive lyrics.  You may have to read their lyrics while listening to their music to really appreciate them. Speaking of which, I appreciate their empowering lyrics aimed at today's teen - especially girls and young women.  God made us Superstars , don't go through the motions of living.  Live loud and for His Glory.   When my daughters were teens, living at home, this is the type of group and type of songs I wanted them to

Homosexuality: What's the Big Deal?

You may have heard about contemporary Christian music artist, Jennifer Knapp, “coming out” about her lesbian lifestyle. Many in the Christian community believe homosexuality is a sin, but don’t understand why that lifestyle is so offensive to God. It’s a sin because God says so! (Lev 18:22 and 20:13.) So please let me reflect on this issue. Jennifer Knapp has been one of my family’s favorite artists for many years. She has won Dove Awards and was nominated for a Grammy. She has sold over a million albums. She has a wonderful talent to be able to formulate wonderful songs about the love and grace of God. She is an excellent artist. When she made her life choices public, I watched as she explained to Larry King that God didn’t judge her because she “fell in love with another woman.” I read various articles where she said her Christian fans supported her decision and many Christian women were coming to her concerts and winking at her to show their approval. Does that mean God doesn’t

Teen may need push to get outdoors

This article has great suggestions for parents to encourage their kids to play outdoors.  Hope you like it!            Al Menconi,  Al Menconi Ministries,  .   Teens May Need Extra Push to Get Outdoors Parents may need to get creative _ and active _ to get teens outside By JENNIFER FORKER For The Associated Press April 14, 2010 (AP) It's a familiar refrain in homes with teenagers: "Shut off that television, get outside and get some exercise!" But parents, here's the bad news: If you want your teens to exercise, you need to get out there with them and show how it's done. "Parents have an incredible, powerful ability to model behavior," says Daniel Kirschenbaum, a professor at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago and clinical director of Wellspring, which provides treatment services for overweight youths and adults at several U.S. locations. "You are your own best ally," he says. Besides being active, parents may n