Answer to mother of 15 year old homosexual boy

The following is my response to the mother of a 15 young man who "came out" as a homosexual.  He had been teased his whole life and this is the first time he has ever felt accepted.  This mother is still against homosexuality as a sin, but she loves her son unconditionally and is so confused.  She wanted her response to be private.   

My heart breaks for you and your son. This is one of the reasons I wrote the blog. I am tired of Christians not having a "reasonable answer." Yes, we know it is a sin, but that isn't enough for today's generation. They are told by the media (entertainment and news) from day one that homosexuality is normal and natural. And God made them that way.  NO HE DIDN'T. 

God may have made you with feminine mannerisms but He didn't make you lust after another man. That is your choice. Christians need to understand the pressures the "world" puts on us to accept this destructive behavior as normal.

If a child has "feelings" for the same sex or if insensitive people tease him because of his mannerisms, he needs to know where the feelings come from. They don't come from God. This is part of Satan's plan to destroy God's creation.

We are commanded to resist the devil and he will flee. The Greek implies the spoken word of God is our sword that defeats the enemy (Gal 6:17). My suggestion to people struggling in this area is to treat it as a battle for your soul. As a Christian we have the right to verbally tell Satan to not tempt us in this area and he must flee.  Scripture goes on to say "make no provision for the flesh" (James 4).That means don't tempt yourself because that is like a "welcome mat" for Satan. 

Like my mother used to tell me, "You can't stop a bird from landing on your head, but it is your right and responsibility to keep him from building a nest."

A fifteen year old boy is still trying to figure out where he fits in society and when the "Christian world" mocks him, he will naturally gravitate toward the segment of society that accepts and encourages him. Continue to love and accept him. Remind him those who teased him were ignorant and insensitive. They surely didn't represent God. They were speaking for Satan.

My suggestion to you is to continue praying and as you do, pray AGAINST Satan. That is how we resist the devil. Tell him that he has no right over your son because you and he belong to the King of Kings. 

Talk with your son about making this choice at such a young age. Remind him that God and you will always love him no matter what he does, but his lifestyle is ultimately destructive which will hurt God. 

Ask your son to pray against Satan's foothold in his life before it becomes a pattern and encourage him to not "tempt himself." God loves him. God cares about him. And He has a plan for him and it isn't to live a destructive life.


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