Superchick Reinvention

Superchick is my favorite active Christian rock band. Is Toby Mac a band?  If so, Superchick is one of my two favorite bands. 
I know I am an old man, but I still occasionally like to rock.  And nobody does it better than Superchick.  Their infectious pop/rock sound will get you out of your seat and stomping your feet.  Is that bad?  No, I think it is fun.  And fun with a purpose.  If you are too old to rock to Superchick, you are too old.  

Their concerts are exciting and loud.  Their passion and energy will grab you and force you to sing their positive lyrics.  You may have to read their lyrics while listening to their music to really appreciate them.

Speaking of which, I appreciate their empowering lyrics aimed at today's teen - especially girls and young women.  God made us Superstars, don't go through the motions of living.  Live loud and for His Glory.  

When my daughters were teens, living at home, this is the type of group and type of songs I wanted them to listen to.  The new Superchick album, Reinvention, features some remixes of their best songs and lot of new pop/rock songs -- all with the challenge to be the person God called you to be.  

They are on tour with John Ruben and others.  Check out their tour blog.  Get their album and get a group together and go to the best concert of the year.  



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