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Just Let Em' Watch TV!

"Just Let Em' Watch TV!" Jonathan McKee, and My friend Jonathan McKee has an excellent ministry for youth leaders and parents.  Check out his site and blog listed above.  This blog by Jonathan on "Parents Watching Their Kids Lose Their Innocence" should be read by all parents.   Al Menconi, This past weekend on my flight coming back from speaking in Nebraska two elementary-aged kids sat next to me. Their mom sat a couple rows behind and her kids ended up by me-- a boy and girl, probably 3rd and 5th grade. I introduced myself and j tables oked a little about the drawings on the emergency card. They laughed and I asked them questions about flying, “Have you ever flown before?” “Do you like flying?” I wanted them to feel comfortable with me for the flight. After the takeoff, I helped them order their drinks and work the tray. They were really polite, sweet little kids. Soon the little gi

Kids and Online Pornography

Kids and Online Pornography  Charles Colson, July 19, 2010 Everywhere you turn, someone is warning Americans about the dangers of childhood obesity. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver toured the country preaching the gospel of healthier school lunches. The first lady has made fighting childhood obesity her top priority. While I'm all for healthier eating and exercise, I can't help but think, however, that in our concern over our kids' waistlines, we have overlooked a far bigger threat—the one to their souls. The threat I'm referring to is pornography. In the latest issue of  First Things , Mary Eberstadt of the Hoover Institution writes about the impact of the "widespread gorging on pornographic imagery"—what she calls "sexual obesity." "Sexual obesity," Eberstadt tells us, is "deleterious and unhealthy," yet it elicits "nowhere near" the "universal public concern" as the physical kind. It sho

Monitoring Teenage Cellphones and Facebook

In her column for the New York Times , Tara Parker-Pope has some excellent advice for parents on monitoring phones and Facebook.  I know many of my readers don't trust the Times,  but I believe Parker-Pope has tremendous insight and suggestions in this area.  Let me know what you think.                                                             Al Menconi, editor  Monitoring Teenage Cellphones and Facebook By  TARA PARKER-POPE   JULY 2, 2010, 7:13 PM Last week readers submitted numerous questions about cyberbullying to our expert, Elizabeth K. Englander, a professor of psychology and the founder and director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridgewater State College, which provides antibullying and antiviolence training programs and resources to schools and families. In the coming week, we’ll offer more answers to selected questions about bullying. Q. How can I best prepare my middle school daughter and myself for the possibility of cyberbullying in

Television and Video Games Lead to Attention Problems in Children.

Here is yet another research that validates parents concerns about TV and video games.  The American Academy of Pediatrics concluded in their research published July 8, 2010 in their official Journal that the more exposure to TV and video games will lead to an increase in attention problems in children. The following is a very brief synopsis of their conclusions.   To read their complete report . WHAT’S KNOWN ON THIS SUBJECT: Television exposure is associated with attention problems in children. WHAT THIS STUDY ADDS: The association of video games and attention problems is similar to the association of television and attention problems. These associations appear in middle childhood and late adolescence/early adulthood. OBJECTIVES: Television viewing has been associated with greater sub- sequent attention problems in children. Few studies have examined the possibility of a similar association between video games and attention problems, and none of these has used a longitudinal des

10 Facts You Should Know About Online Pornography

Is pornography overwhelming our society?   After reading the list of important facts about online pornography below, I believe you will agree with me that it is a problem that needs to be confronted.   If you know someone who is struggling with this issue, I suggest getting help from .   I trust their information and resources.   You may want to visit our website at to help you understand, connect, and communicate values to your children.  We have many resources including books and seminars on DVD.  Wayne Rice, of Understanding your Teen and Youth Specialties has said our  book,  RECONNECT , " some of the best parenting advice I've ever read." In His service and yours, Al Menconi 10 Facts you Should Know About Online Pornography research by 1.   12% of all sites on the Internet are pornographic.   The total is 24, 644, 172 porn sites.   2.   Every second there are 28, 258 Internet users viewing porn.   Every sec