Advice To My Daughters

I thought you might be interested in what I wrote to my daughters when they went to college.  It has been 13 years (Allison) and 15 years (Annie) since they started college.

I wrote each daughter a “special letter” that covered everything I felt was important. I wanted to make certain that I “expressed my heart” at least once!  And only once.  If I said it more than once, they would have considered it nagging.  And I didn’t want to nag.

I'm hoping this advice to my daughters will inspire you to write to your children.  What do you want to tell them?  What life lessons have you learned that you would like to share with your children?  I'd like you to read my "advice to my daughters," and consider what you would like to say to each of your children.

I decided the most important advice I could give my daughters was what Jesus taught in Mark 12:30, to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”  How can we show Him love in our everyday life?  

Love the Lord with all your:

HEART (emotional life):

1. Be careful of your entertainment, because that will influence your emotions and your emotions will influence your behavior, your behavior will influence your character, your character is who you are.

2. If you have to choose, take character over money. Character dictates who you are, money only lets you know what you can buy.

3. Don’t forget to call and write your mother. I’d like a call every now and then, but your mother needs to hear from you often.

4. There is a difference between being frugal and being cheap. Don’t be cheap.

SOUL (spiritual life):

1. Get involved in a church that teaches Scripture and learn to hang out with others who attend your church.

2. Be consistent with your daily “quiet times” and prayer.

3. Don’t forget to tithe. Remember, it’s not your money. God is allowing you to be a steward of His money (Mal. 3:10).

4. Always be ready to give an answer for what you believe.

5. Never be ashamed of the Gospel.

6. Listening to Christian music can reinforce what you believe.”

MIND (mental life):

1. Read your local newspaper and/or watch the local news – get to know what is happening nationally and in your community.

2. Register to vote. Know about the candidates’ views and vote for the individual who best represents your values.  Don’t take your freedom for granted. 

3. Reading a book is time better spent than watching TV.

4. Continue your education so your choices in work and life won’t be limited.

STRENGTH (physical life):

1. Continue to eat properly and to exercise daily no matter how inconvenient it becomes.

2. Maintain your car. Keep all the maintenance records in a special file. That’s necessary when you go to sell it. Changing the oil every 3,000 miles is the best insurance you can have. Also, keep it waxed, especially if you have to park it outside.

3. Be the best employee at your company. Work as if your boss is looking over your shoulder even if everyone else slacks off.

4. Your number one job description is to make your boss successful.

I love you more than life,

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