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MTV's SKINS will make your skin crawl

The Media Has  OVER  covered  MTV'S  new sex, drugs, and perversion show directed to teens called  "SKINS,"  so we won't give them what they want - more exposure! But the Bible tells us in Eph 5:11 to expose sin yet stay innocent of evil.  How do I expose sin and keep you innocent of evil at the same time?  If you want to read a good exposé of the latest filth attacking our youth, my friend, Jonathan McKee, has posted an excellent article on his  blog.   His ministry to youth leaders is second to none.  You will appreciate his insight even if you aren't a youth leader.  All parents need to familiarize themselves with this program.

The Music and Messages of the #1 Hits of 2010

The Music and Messages of 2010’s Top Songs Written by: Jonathan McKee, the director of, and his associate, David R. Smith and published on Jonathan's blog, December 17, 2010.  Jonathan and David researched and commented on all 17 #1 songs of 2010.  The article below is  edited for space, but you can read the complete unedited article at this link . I highlighted  MESSAGES  in the title  because every song has a  message  and I  believe parents should be aware of the  messages  in the music that is leading today's youth. As of mid December, there were 17 different #1 songs on the Hot 100 chart. The lyrics for most of the songs are included as well as Jonathan's and David's comments to help the reader understand the message in each song.   Fair warning: Even edited, many of these songs are graphic and there’s a lot of information to absorb. But I encourage you to become familiar with these songs because they are what your kids are listeni