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Families get the 411 on sexting risk

Families get the 411 on sexting risk By Kimball Perry The Cincinnati Enquirer, Feb 21, 2011 CINCINNATI — The 16-year-old girl, smitten with her adult boyfriend, e-mailed him naked pictures of herself. The girl told her parents, who contacted police. Hurt now is a convicted felon in a case that highlights the dangers lurking for children on the Internet.When she wanted to break up with Clarence Hurt of Terrace Park, Ohio, though, he threatened to share those pictures with the world in cyberspace unless she had sex with him. T his is the way kids have relationships now. It's very impersonal. You could be dating for a month and never (have) met," says Dotty Smith, assistant chief juvenile prosecutor in Hamilton County. The teen met Hurt in an online dating chat room. "They also would exchange photographs of each other ... online," Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Hardman says of the sexually explicit pictures. "As many 16-year-old girls will do, she got tired of him

Why You Need to Watch "Waiting For Superman"

I just watched, Waiting For Superman.   The title comes from one of the producers when, as a child, his mother told him Superman wasn't real.  He started to cry.  Not because a myth was destroyed like finding out there wasn't a Santa Claus.  He was crying because he realized no one was going to rescue him from his life in the projects. He had been waiting for Superman. Our educational system is waiting for Superman too!  Can it be rescued?  This is a DVD documentary that you and every parent in America needs to watch because it offers hope and practical solutions. Why should you care?  Your kids are at a Christian school or they are getting good grades at a good public school! You should care because your future and the future of America depends on it.  I know that sounds like a cataclysmic statement, but it is true.  If we don't drastically improve our educational system soon, it will negatively affect all areas of our lives. Our schools' test scores are presen