How Do You Address Today's Entertainment With Today's Teens?

I received the following on our Facebook fan page from a former classmate of my daughters and is now a teacher at the same Christian school where my wife, Jan, teaches.  I thought you would be interested in her question and my response as it is a common concern with parents and teachers throughout America.   If you are not a "fan" of "Al Menconi Ministries" on Facebook, here's what you missed last week.

Her question: 
I have a question, how do you address today's music with high school girls? When I was in high school the lyrics were no where near what you hear today and I am at a loss as to how to make an impact while addressing this with a large group of high school girls.

My response:
Your girls have to see a correlation between their poor choices in ALL forms of entertainment and their spiritual life BEFORE you will be able to discuss entertainment choices. In other words, if it doesn't affect them, why should they care about their music choices?
It won’t matter what you say to them about Lady Gaga or Glee or anything if their choices don't affect them in some way. You must reframe the argument and make it a spiritual issue. Let me suggest a few things:
1) I wrote a response to a similar question as yours and posted it on my website last September. You can read it at this link.
2) Read my book, But It Doesn't Affect Me! I've written it in such a way that anyone can read it in less than one hour. It has 20 discussion questions that will get your girls to consider how their entertainment choices affect them. The book can be read in less than an hour but it will take many hours to get through all the discussions. 
3) I've written a curriculum and a PowerPoint to teach the book in a Bible class and/or counseling time. 
4) I'll help in any way. You can write me at I hope this helps. Let me know what I can do. 
5) I reread the above and it sounds "self serving" but I believe it is the best way to answer your question. It's a serious issue. It was serious when you were in school, but now it is an overwhelming attack on our youth. Go for it.
Her response: 
THANK YOU! The teeter totter principle is helping me form together an action plan. I am really interested in the book and powerpoint and will look for Jan on campus this week. Thank you again.


  1. Al,

    Just wanted to add a thought here. I concur with the general truth that lyrical content these days is very different than what it was in years past, but I am often cautious in being too harsh on "music of today" versus "music of (my own) yesterday" because there certainly were a lot of very poor choices when I was in high school in the early 80's. Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Alice Cooper, and others. Even some of the older big band singers (much earlier)crooned about sleeping together, but obviously not to the degree that singers focus on today.

    Believers of all time periods needed to be discerning, but I would agree that these days call for greater caution -- your advice is much needed and appreciated!

    Dave Adams


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