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Jump Start Your Spiritual Warfare Prayer Life

My friend, Pat Peglow, wrote the following inspiring article to help us "Jump Start" our spiritual warfare prayer life.  It's worth your time.  It could change your life.  - Al Menconi, editor I was totally caught off guard when I was sitting at a conference for pastors regarding burnout when the first speaker, a medical doctor, spoke these words as the first words out of his mouth: “You have an invisible enemy, who has an organized army with thousands of years of experience, whose sole purpose is to destroy you, your family and your ministry.”   That was the last thing I expected to hear from a medical doctor speaking to pastors, but it rang true in my heart as I considered God’s word and my experience. The following prayer is based on the fact that we “already have” the victory over the devil through the work of Jesus Christ.  We do not pray this prayer “to get” the victory but in order “to appropriate” into our lives the victory that Jesus has already won.  This pr
Caroline Knorr wrote the following excellent article to help us teach our children how to have good online manners.  We can't expect our children to "know better" unless we teach them proper and reasonable guidelines.   In His, Al Menconi How Rude! Manners for the Digital Age By Caroline Knorr May 5, 2011 Teaching Kids Online Manners 7 Rules for Online Etiquette Teaching Kids Online Manners The more my son gets into social media, the more we talk about being responsible online . But a recent incident made me realize that I had completely overlooked a basic tenet of appropriate online behavior: manners. Just as I teach him to keep his elbows off the table, I have to teach him to be courteous in his digital life. It was a momentous occasion in my home: My son was about to register for an online gaming account. It was his first foray into the world of multiplayer activity, and he was excited to create his own online identity . Wh