The wife of a young couple wrote this poem after a seminar.  I have this framed hanging in my office to remind me why I continue to teach the Christian Music Diet.  - Al Menconi, editor

I grew up with my radio beside me day and night. I’d listen to each song until I knew the words just right. (2Tim. 4:3-4) 

When Mom would drink and scream, my music made me feel so good. No matter what the problem was, my music understood. (Deut. 32:37-38) 

The rock stars were my idols. Their advice was my instruction. They persuaded me to live a life of sinful, vile corruption. (2Tim. 3:6-7) 

At twenty-one, I married Phil, to help my emptiness. It didn’t magnify my joy. It magnified my mess! (Eccles. 1:2) 

I finally screamed, “God take my life! I’ll do no good down here!” (Jonah 2:2) What followed was a blessed peace that calmed my deepest fear. (Phil. 4:6-7) 

Then Phil and I accepted Christ. Our sins just dropped away! (2Cor. 5:17) We made a pact with God. We said, “You speak and we’ll obey. We’ll give you everything we own, except our rock-n-roll. You understand, we love it Lord, with heart and mind and soul.” (Psalms 16:4)

But then, God whispered in our hearts a change that there must be. (Rom. 6:21) 


Ironically, at New Song Church, was where we really changed. (Psalms 40:3) 

It took place at a seminar that God had pre-arranged. (Proverbs 16:9) 

When we heard Al Menconi speak, all barriers fell away. (Acts 9:18) 

We found ourselves absorbing all the things he had to say. Before my eyes, he stripped my idols down to what they were. (1Cor. 8:5-6) 

He didn’t judge----just stated facts. His voice was clear and sure. He backed his words with scriptures that will always stay with me. (Is. 55:10-11) 

Colossians, chapter two, verse eight----Second Timothy, chapter three. (Heb. 4:12) 

And also in the book of Psalms, in 101, verse three....This verse was so convicting, we got rid of our T.V.! (Heb. 10:26) 

It’s amazing how our lives have changed, by what we listen to. Al Menconi, we want you to know, we owe a lot to you! (2Cor. 3:5)

Through Christ, who truly strengthens you, You’ve used your talents well! (Matthew 25:21) 

How many peoples’ lives you’ve touched, only God can tell. (Heb. 6:10) 

I love you deeply in the Lord, and thank you from my heart, For allowing God to work through you to give me a new start. (Phil. 1:3)

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