LMFAO’s New Song Reveals What’s in Their Pants

Do You REALLY Know Your Kids Entertainment Choices?

teen listening to ipodThis article about LMFAO, the most popular group in America, will give you a needed glimpse into your children's culture. To be honest you are not going to like this article but it is a must read for all parents and grandparents. And as you read this article, make certain to watch the videos connected to the article.    
LMFAO’s New Song Reveals What’s in Their Pants
You may not know their name, but trust me, you’ve heard their music. Now the increasingly popular group LMFAO's new song and video features them doing "the wiggle." Any guess as to what these guys and their porn star guests are actually wiggling? 

You're gonna be shocked. We've come a long way from Elvis' pelvis. To find out just how far our culture has gone read the complete article by my friends Jonathan McKee and David Smith 

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