A nice note about the impact of the Christian Music Diet

…our 27 year old daughter is married and now lives in Texas. When she was in elementary school I heard you speak at an ACSI convention when you challenged parents to “invest” in Christian music for their kids. I accepted the challenge. I usually played Maranatha Praise at home, but my daughter didn't identify with that as her music. I told her we would buy her all the Christian music she wanted, but she would have to buy her own secular music as you suggested.
Two months ago a friend of my daughter died after a long illness.  The next morning my daughter emailed me to say she had been listening to Rich Mullins'"Hold Me Jesus" as she mourned the loss of her friend. She thanked me for introducing her to his music and for encouraging her to listen to Christian music AND for buying it for her. 
I had to tell you that I believe your challenge changed our family. It is doubtful that I would have taken the positive approach of seeing Christian music as an investment, but I have received the dividends of that investment in a daughter who loves Jesus and Christian music. 


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