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'Talk' isn't cheap when Rihanna is in control

We've reprinted this article about Rihanna's new album, Talk That Talk by Steve Jones of USA Today on 11/20/11 to show you how casually raunch, S&M, and other sexual topics in Rihanna's songs are treated by the secular media.  I'm concerned our children believe that singing songs like the ones featured on her album and discussed in this article are acceptable.  And why shouldn't they be acceptable?  This article was featured on the front page of USA Today .   Remember C A N .  What we see as C ommon is consider as A cceptable by society and what is acceptable must be N ormal.  Is the following music  Common, Acceptable , and Normal in your home? What are your guidelines?  May I suggest our books But It Doesn't Affect Me and RECONNECT to help you understand the influence the media has on our families, to help you connect with and communicate values to your children?  - Al Menconi,   Rihanna may talk dirty when she's trying to lur