Letters and notes of encouragement

We often receive letters and notes letting us know how our ministry has been an influence on our world.  I'd like to share a few "stories" that were a particular interest this past week.  

1) First, I received a "Skype" call from Lebanon from a young man who teaches at the Christian school in Beirut.  He has been using our "But It Doesn't Affect Me!" PowerPoint presentation and curriculum to teach his students to make wise entertainment choices.  

Toni called to thank us for producing materials that answered all the questions his students had.  He was so thrilled that he now had material to answer his students as well as use it as a starting point to talk with the non Christian community that surrounds his school.  I gave him permission to translate much of our material into Arabic.  Can you believe our material is now in Arabic??

After I thanked him for his kind words, I told him that I didn't realize the kids in Beirut would be interested in going through the lessons of "But It Doesn't Affect Me."  He chuckled at my ignorance and told me the kids in Beirut entertain themselves with the same entertainment as the "western culture."  They watch the same TV shows and movies, they listen to the same music, play the same video games and text 24/7 like the kids in America.  

He was excited that he now was able to answer their questions and teach them how to make wise choices.  

2) We have had more response from our reviews on the Hunter Games than ANYTHING else I have ever published in 30 years of ministry.  In an email, one mother thanked us for our morally specific "review" of the Hunter Games.  She took our advice and went to the movie with her mature 11 year old daughter.  The mother was then motivated to read all the books and had wonderful, spiritually deep, and meaningful discussions with her daughter about the movie, the character of the people in the movie and how to develop wise entertainment choices.  This mother thanked me because without our review she would have missed this opportunity to have these discussions with her daughter.  She also expressed appreciation that the movie gave her another opportunity to connect with her daughter.  

3) Probably the most meaningful and shortest note of the week came from a mother who was heading up a committee to invite me to speak at her church again this Fall.  She casually mentioned that she wanted me to meet her son, who had given his life to Christ the last time I spoke at her church nearly 5 years ago.  What a blessing!! 

I don't know about you, but hearing and reading the above responses "pumps me up." What a joy to be a tongue in the Body of Christ.   I LOVE WHAT I DO!  And I love seeing lives being changed for His Kingdom.  These notes reinforce why we are in this ministry. 

Thank you for being apart.  

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