I Have Been Wrong And I Ask Your Forgiveness


The following are a series of my recent Facebook posts I made on political issues.  God has been working on my heart to get my priorities in order. Recently I expressed my political opinion when I should have been expressing biblical insight. God has been dealing with me on this and I thought you might be interested in reading what He has been teaching me.  Let me know what you think.

I make no apologies about being a Constitutionalist and for wanting a smaller government and a balanced budget but I have had wrong priorities in my previous political responses (not shown).

I’ve been studying how Israel responded to God’s warning to repent and it is eerily similar to America’s response.  “We will rebuild” not “We will repent.”  I believe what America has been experiencing since 9/11 has been God’s warning for our nation to get our spiritual act together. Instead of encouraging a godly response, my posts have been encouraging Christians to look for a political answer to solve our problems. How foolish. Our nation’s problems will never be solved by politics. I believe our problems are God’s warning to us to repent. 

In the future, every time a political or financial decision happens that you believe is harmful to America, don’t get angry.  Use it as a reminder for you to humble yourself before God and ask Him to forgive our country for turning away from Him.  (II Chron 7:14)

Post 2. In Isaiah 9:8–12, God allowed the Assyrians to attack Israel because they turned away from God. Israel’s response to the attack was to “rebuild their defenses” instead of turning back to God. America is making the same mistake as Israel. Many Christians are trying to “get back to Reagan” instead of trying to get back to God. I believe a Constitutional and smaller government with a balanced budget is the right “political” answer – if our problems could be solved through politics. But politics never will fix our problems.  I believe without a doubt that our nation’s problems are spiritual.  

Israel was destroyed because they didn’t repent when God warned them. Let’s not make the same mistake. God is giving us time to repent.  Please pray for our nation to repent. (II Chon 7:14) Remember our calling is to be like Christ and worship God. We shouldn’t confuse our priorities. Our goals should be eternal. Politics is temporal. It is more important for us to show “the opposition” the love of Christ than it is to convince them to vote for our candidate.

Post 3: Just to be clear! I didn't post the above apology because I was afraid of offending someone or because someone was upset with me. I apologized because I was wrong and misleading people. Period! I appreciate the many who contacted me privately and encouraged me not to be afraid of speaking my mind. I'm not! I am speaking my mind!

I'm just now completing a book on worshiping God and this week I am writing the final chapter on developing proper priorities - and I have had MY priorities in the wrong order. I had to apologize because I realized my actions didn't match my belief.

Many of you know my life verse is Col 2:8 which commands us to not be taken in by the empty philosophies of this world. Empty philosophies aren't only sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. Empty philosophies can also be "rely on politics to fix our country." Politics CANNOT fix our country. Hence it’s an empty philosophy.  I will always believe our Constitution is the best document this side of Scripture. I will always believe smaller government is better than large government and a balanced budget is better than debt. But having more of a focus on “getting back to Reagan” instead of getting back to God is the wrong focus. Even a "good philosophy" can be wrong if you have it in the wrong priority.

POST 4: The point for Christians to understand is politics WILL NOT change our nation. I apologized because I had been part of the problem. Period! I didn't say I wasn't going to vote nor did I say Christians shouldn't participate in the political process. But I don't want anyone to think politics will change anything. Our nation and the whole world are on a beeline to destruction. One party may slow the process a little, but they will not change the direction - unless we humble ourselves as a nation, beg God to forgive us, and turn from our ungodly ways. (II Chron 7:14)

I came out publicly on this issue because, as a minister, I was publicly advocating the "empty philosophy" of politics as the answer. I was wrong. Reread my posts above on where I stand politically. I still hold those opinions. But we shouldn't be more concerned about spreading our political beliefs to others than in spreading the love of Christ to others.

I love you all, but you will not be hearing me make political statements in a public forum again. I don't want my message of God's Grace to be diluted with the "empty philosophy" of politics.

Post 5: Our "wicked ways" can be expressed as (1) depending on self instead of depending on God.  And (2) Not loving our neighbor as ourselves.  Please study Matt 5. That's how Christ wants us to behave. If we incorporate Matt 5 and Galatians 5 in our lives, especially Gal 5: 13-26, our country wouldn't have the issues we are having because our hope would be in Him, not in our politicians.

We need Christians to live as Christ taught. We need to realize America is NOT OUR FINAL HOME. America is a wonderful place to live temporarily until we reach our home with Christ, but we should never confuse America with our eternal home. The Bible tells us we are to be "ambassadors" for Christ. Ambassadors represent another homeland. Our "home" is heaven with Christ and we should be representing Him as He taught us. (Matt 5)

When arguing politics, there will be a "winner" and "loser." When you "win" the argument about a political issue, do you believe the "loser" will be open to listening to you talk about Jesus? Since you are Christ's ambassador, did your argument just show your neighbor a good image of Christ? What's more important, 1) Winning your political argument and creating a barrier between you and your opponent? Or 2) not arguing and humbly showing your "opponent" the love of Christ? I had been foolishly choosing number one. That's why I apologized and will choose option two in the future.  Please join me.  


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