How Game Addiction is Ruining Boys

How Game Addiction is Ruining Boys

We found this infographic very helpful in understanding how video games are contributing to the demise of today's  youth, especially young boys. 
Here are a few things that stand out to me!
 1. Guys spend 10,000 hours playing video games before 21.  According to Malcom Gladwell in his book outliers, these guys are masters of video games.  This is staggering.  I wonder what 10,000 hours broken down into each day would look like?  Also, how many hours would the average 21 year old Christian guy spend reading the Bible?
2. 90% of Children play video games.  Not surprising.  I would like to know what percentage of students are addicted to video games?  My youth ministry has been spending more time away from video games in the youth group because we want to encourage face to face relationships.
What stands out to you from this infographic?  How do you see video games ruining boys today? 


  1. Its just about as striking to me that the Annual Game Developers Conference draws over 19,000 people in comparison to the Christian equivalent ( (which I attended) - draws less than 75. Thats less than 1/10 of a percentage of attendence (less than 0.1 percent).

  2. How much 10,000hrs broken down would look like?

    Min age in the "statistic" is 8 and max is 21. So, 21-8 = 13. There are 13 years for a person to acquire that 10,000hrs
    10,000/13 = 769.230 hrs a year
    There are 52 weeks in a year
    769.230/52 = 14.79289 a week.
    The below will be dependent on the school system but for mine, we study from jun-mar. that's 2 month's summer vacation. Assume further that march is just review and finals, so let's just say jun-feb. That leaves us 3 months of break. This should take into account all holidays given.
    So let's assume people play 10hrs (5hrs sat, 5hrs sun) a week during school days and play more during the summer break we have...
    10*40weeks = 400
    (4.79289*40)(remainder from the school days = 191.7156
    (14.79289*12)(average) = 177.51468 hrs on summer a week
    191.7156+177.51468 = 369.23028 hrs in the summer or 30hrs a week.

    Total = 369.23028+400 = 769.23028 *13 = 9999.99364

    That's just 5hrs a day on summer break and an additional 10hrs a week during school days. Not much considering you have 16hrs of usable hours a day (24-8hrs sleep). so you still have 11hrs for everything else.
    1hr for morning routine
    1hr breakfast
    1hr lunch
    1hr dinner
    1hr bedtime routing
    That's 5hrs of mandatory routines. subtract that from the 11hrs and you still got 6hrs for everything else.

    So doing the math, 10,000 hrs over 13 years is not that much.

    For your #2. First I think we have to define "Video game Addiction" as far as I know, no one has coined this in a medical way. Most of us laymans define addiction as doing something too much, but that's not addiction in the medical sense. I'm not a medical practitioner btw. I remember 1 person way back that define computer addiction as spending more than 40hrs a week in the computer. Well it gets fun once you realize you work atleast 40hrs and most professions use a computer. Specially those of us who works on IT. She starts giving exemptions, but medical definitions don't have exemptions.

    What strikes me the most is how this graphic is a very big example of correlation is not causation. I'll delve deeper on them later but all I can say is, they just give you a bunch of statistics without giving context.

    But I want to put the last one in first.

    10,000hrs is more than twice the time it takes to earn a bachelor's? Let's see

    We use the K10, just recently moved to K12. So for me who is already a grad I'll use the old K10.

    6years elementary
    4years high school
    3years college (My college shrunk our course so it ends up 3years 4 terms a year)

    I go to school from 730am and goes home at 430pm. with a 1hr break. That's 8hrs but we only have english subjects until 12:30. 1:30 - 4:30 is chinese. I'm not sure how non-chinese schools in my country works so I'll use 5hrs.
    5*5*40 = 1000
    1000*10 = 10000

    Well, just earning a high school diploma is already 10,000hrs excluding homeworks, reviews, research. How can you say it's double that.

    For collge I study 13hrs a day for 3 times a week.
    So that's 13*3 = 39hrs a week.
    We don't ahve vacations, quarterms, vacation is just enough time to enroll. So let's say it's 48weeks
    39*48 = 1872 a year
    1872*3 = 5616 in 3 years. This is for a shortened course. For a 5year diploma like engineering this would go up to 9360. But on average that's 7488 ona 4 year course. This excludeshomework, assignments, review, research.

    Adding that up that's way more than 10,000hours to get a bachelors.


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