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Gaming before bed negatively impacts teens' sleep , researc h finds   October 18, 2012 by the Health section of   (Medical Xpress)—Teenagers should steer clear of prolonged video gaming if they want a good night's sleep, new research from Flinders University shows. The study – conducted at the University's Sleep Laboratory by masters student Daniel King – found that prolonged video gaming immediately before bed caused significant sleep disruptions in a group of teenage boys, even when they fell asleep at their usual bedtime. The 17 participants played a newly released, fast-paced, violent video game for either 50 or 150 minutes on two different nights in the Sleep Lab, with sleep and heart-rate monitors as well as subjective reports from the teenagers used to assess the arousing effects of prolonged gaming. Flinders University child sleep psychologist Dr Michael Gradisar, who supervised the study, said there was a 27-minute loss in total slee

Tell Me Your Story

Recently a dear friend renewed her faith in God and is growing in leaps and bounds.  She is just now understanding God's Grace and sees it daily in the Christian music she listens to.  As she shared her most recent favorite song, I asked her to write an article explaining why that particular song means so much to her.  She wrote her "Story" as if she was writing a column for the newspaper.  It is so beautiful and honest that I want to share it with you.  I hope it is an inspiration for you to write out your "Testimony Song." I'm not looking for a newspaper article, but I would like you to share from your heart why you've chosen "your song" to tell your story.  _Al Menconi, editor, Tell Me Your Story My car windows were rolled tight, holding in the warmth of the sun, as I listened intently to the story of the Bible contained in the lyrics of each captivating song.  Each song was more moving than the next.  Ea