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Review for the Movie  42 by Plugged'  In 1945, the Allies celebrated their victory over the Axis powers of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Back home in the Allied superpower of the United States of America, however, a battle for freedom on  another  front still raged: the battle against racism. President Abraham Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation 82 years before. But segregation still separated blacks from whites in large swaths of our land. African-Americans were forced to use separate restrooms in many places; to sit at the back of buses; and to stay away from designated hotels, restaurants and businesses—not to mention enduring bruising verbal slurs as well as threats of violence … or actual assaults. White baseball players, for instance, competed in Major League Baseball. Black athletes, meanwhile, were relegated to the Negro League. Never did the two worlds intersect. Until, that is, one brave team owner decided it was time for a change. Time for an end