Just read this quote and it made me cry

Just read the quote below and it made me cry for parents and teens in America.  This is why I'm in ministry.  I never thought of this effect on our children before.  - Al Menconi

"...my friend, Susie, made an interesting point. She confirmed that just like my daughters, hers were totally consumed with their iPhone update for several hours—first downloading the new software, then excitedly talking about it, sharing screen shots, and finally, we supposed, tweeting about it. 'It concerns me that their world seems to be all about 'what's new and improved,' Susie lamented. I nodded in agreement, but wasn't troubled until she said, 'I'm worried that our kids have lost the ability to remain enthusiastic about anything for any length of time—specifically their future spouses.' She paused. 'I feel like they're being raised in a world where it's common—no, expected—to continually 'trade up.'"

Katie D. Anderson, writing for Parade magazine parade.com, 10/7/13


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