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Selfies, Revenge Porn, Teens, and Cyberbullying

The new word of 2013, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is Selfies! In case you’ve been living under a rock this past year, a “selfie” is a photo you take of yourself – usually on your phone - and send to a “friend” or post on your favorite social network.    It sounds like it could be innocent fun until you read this article by Sue Scheff about selfies, revenge porn, teens, and cyberbullying. I found this information extremely informative.   I know you will find it helpful.  If you have children at home or work with teens and preteens, make certain that you read the links included after reading the article.    Finally, I posted a 90 second video on selfies at the end of this article that ALL PARENTS SHOULD WATCH.  I hope I didn't scare the heck out of you, but this is information all parents should know and should be discussing with their children.   In His service and yours,    Al Menconi, editor E-Venge: Selfies, Revenge Porn, Teens and Cyberbullying P