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Too Much TV Time with Kids Linked to Developmental Problems

Plugged In Online  " Culture Clips"  (2/17/14) Originally published in the on February 2 and 14, 2014 What effects do multiple hours of daily TV viewing have on toddlers? It's a long list—and none of the outcomes are good ones. The Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development asked nearly 2,000 families to log their 29-month-olds' TV viewing time (among other aspects of the study), then correlated the amount of screen time with behavior and developmental problems that emerged later in kindergarten. Researchers found that significant problems started cropping up at the threshold of 2 hours and 52 minutes of TV time daily. Children who watched more than that had diminished vocabulary and math skills, shorter attention spans and were more likely to be bullied. And every extra hour of daily TV viewing past the three-hour mark noticeably worsened those outcomes. "This is the first time ever that a stringently controlled associational