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Noah, The Worst Movie Ever Made! Honest

I just watched the Noah movie and I can't stress this enough.  DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!  DON'T GO!   Let me explain why. Since the distribution company wouldn't allow us to preview the movie in advance, I figured it was going to be unbiblical.  Because I expected it to be unbiblical I invited my pastor, Rick Myatt, to attend with me to make certain I didn't take anything out of context or miss some key biblical points.  What I didn't expect was how absolutely boringly bad this movie would be.  I kept thinking, as I checked my watch every 5 minutes, I'll never get that 5 minutes back, or That 5 minutes, or THAT 5 minutes.  This checking of my watch went on for more than 2 hours!!! Counting the previews, that's nearly 3 hours that I'll never have back.   When the director said it was the most unbiblical religious movie ever made, he wasn't lying.  Except he didn't warn us how boring and flat it was.  There was no character developme