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How to Monitor Apps on Your Child’s Device

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 | Written by Scott McClurg by Covenant Eyes    We live in a mobile world and as such, parents are buying their children iPod touches, Android tablets, and smartphones. It simply is what people do nowadays. But what are parents really giving their children access to? What can they do with that device? The scary answer is: anything they want. How can a parent monitor apps their child downloads and uses? Lets put this topic into perspective. Currently Apple’s App store is home to an estimated 700,000 active apps and the Android store has nearly 600,000 . And they are growing. Nearly 940 new applications are submitted each day to Apple’s App store and 828 apps daily to the Android market. Do you know how your children are using their mobile device? What apps are they downloading? Which ones do they use to communicate with their friends? What games they are playing? If you can answer