How Can We Find A Life Of Peace? (CMC 1)

Does society seem to be going to “Hell in a hand-basket?”  How about the spiritual growth of your family?  Are you concerned for their future?  Are you struggling to hold on?  Did you realize that God wants you to be at peace?  In fact, Isaiah 26:3 promises that if we keep our focus on Him, we will experience His perfect peace. 

How can we keep our minds focused on Christ when we are living in a fallen world filled with so much chaos? The best way I know is with a tune in our heart and a song on our lips.

 When we listen to Christian music we are able to keep our mind focused on Christ and biblical principles.  What are you listening to and what are your entertainment choices? May I suggest taking The Christian Music Challenge for the next 30 days to help you evaluate your focus? 
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