God Has A Great Way Of Life For Us. (CMC 2)

Throughout Scripture repetition indicates importance.  For example, “verily, verily” it is more important than one “verily.”
Another illustration of repetition is “Holy.”  Holy is used throughout Scripture by many different men in reference to God and godly principles, but when angels praised God in Isaiah 6:3, they used, “Holy, holy, holy” because they knew God personally and were trying to express that God was REALLY holy.
With the understanding of the principle of repetition in Scripture, can you imagine how important singing is to God when Scripture commands us to sing to the Lord more than 30 times?  This shows how important singing is to God. 
I believe singing to our Lord should become a way of life for every Christian.  May I suggest that you take the Christian Music Challenge and listen to and sing songs to Him and about Him for the next 30 days? 
For music suggestions and more information, check out www.TheChristianMusicChallenge.com.    


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