Tell Satan to Go to Hell! (AA 2)

The “spiritual war” isn’t the battle between God and Satan for the heart of mankind.  That war is over!  Jesus Christ defeated Satan at the cross and with empty tomb! The real battle is for your mind. Satan trying to fill our minds with lies; the biggest being the lie that Satan isn’t a defeated enemy and that Christianity isn’t true. 
Ephesians 4:21-24 reminds us that we are in a constant battle for our mind. Satan wants us to live as if we never gave our life to Christ.  He wants us to believe our feelings of hopelessness and doubt.
Tell Satan to go to Hell and to stop tempting you.  Remind him that you are a new creation in Christ. 
Remember this basic principle.  Life is a series of choices and choices have consequences.  Satan wants you to make wrong choices by filling your mind with lies.  The right choice is to keep your mind focused on Christ and the Truth of God’s Word.  Listening to Christian music can help. 
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