The Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings (AA 3)

I’ve heard of a theory called the “Butterfly Effect” which says, if a butterfly flaps its wings somewhere in the world, that flap of his wings will have a effect on others until each flap has affected the whole world in some way.  The theory illustrates that even our tiniest actions affect others.

How is your butterfly effect?  You ARE affecting others by your actions.  Are you influencing others for good?  Phil 2:15 says we are to “shine like the stars as we hold out the Word of life.” Jesus taught that we are to be the light to this world.

Our life should be reflecting the light of Jesus as the moon reflects the light of the Sun.  Are we behaving in a manner so others will see a clear reflection of Jesus or do we give others a distorted reflection of Christ?  There is no middle ground.    

Listening to Christian music throughout your day could help you keep your focus on the Light of the World and help you reflect His Glory.  

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