What's The Best Way To Deal With Your Enemies? (CMC #4)

II Chronicles 20 narrates the compelling story of invading armies surrounding the Israelites. However, God instructed King Jehoshaphat not to worry because the battle belonged to the Lord. Because the king believed God, he quickly commanded the temple choir to lead Israel’s army into battle. As soon as the choir began to sing, the enemies started to attack and kill each other until all the enemies were dead.

Is God’s holy plan amazing or what?

Let me ask, do you sing at your enemies? No? Why not? When the children of Israel did, their enemies were summarily defeated.

You don’t have enemies?  Consider:

·         If you face the enemy of Fear; why not sing songs of Hope?
If you face the enemy of Worry and Doubt; why not sing songs of Faith?
·         What is your “enemy” today? Why not let us help you bring songs of praise to your mind? It worked for the Israelites -- and it will work for you because we serve a big God.
For music suggestions and more information, check out  www.TheChristianMusicChallenge.com.


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