How Do You Respond To Unjust Treatment? (CMC #6)

Acts 16 tells us that Paul and Silas were unjustly beaten nearly to death by the Romans, thrown into jail, and chained to the stocks. What would you do? Personally, I think I would complain and demand my rights as a Roman citizen. Paul and Silas chose differently.

We are told that at midnight they were praying and singing praise songs to the Lord. The result? Scripture tells us that the other prisoners were listening, obviously trying to figure out how men could be beaten so badly, yet spend quality time singing to their God.  You can imagine the prisoners and jailer wondering, “Who in the world is the God these guys worship?” 

When they were released, Paul and Silas were able to lead the jailer and his family to Christ.

Could I suggest that we do the same? When going through trials, try singing in your heart to the Lord and giving your problems to Him. You may evoke eternal changes in some hardened hearts and the lives of those you care about.

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