I Thought I Was Going To Die! (AA #7)

Back in my college days, I tried to body surf The Wedge in Newport Beach when the waves were nearly 20 feet tall.  I figured that if I surfed 3 to 5 foot waves - which are still over my head – the Wedge had the same shape, so I could surf these waves, too. 

When I saw the first wave get bigger and bigger and bigger until it looked like a liquid two-story building that would squash me like a bug, I dived under it.  I struggled against the undertow for about 30 minutes before I managed to reach the shore.  Surfing the Wedge looked much easier when I was sitting on the beach.

This experience reminds me of James 4:8, which says, “Come near to God, and he will come near to you.”

In the same way I had to draw near to the waves in order to give them their proper respect, we are commanded to approach God so that we can give Him the proper respect.  Christian music can help. 

For music suggestions and more information, check out www.TheChristianMusicChallenge.com.  


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