What Is The Best Way To Please God? (AA# 5)

Often believers question their faith in Christ.  They don’t feel God’s love so they begin to question their salvation, the validity of Scripture, and other basics of Christianity. 

When questioned they tell me that they “felt” the presence of the Lord in their life at one time but now they don’t feel that He’s there or that He even cares.  In other words, when they “feel” God, they feel saved and behave accordingly.  But when they don’t feel His presence, they don’t feel saved and often choose to live like non believers.   

But let me offer another way to look at this situation.

When you feel the presence of God, how much faith are you using?  Probably zero.  Why?  You are counting the feeling of his presence? 

When you don’t feel saved but you still choose live for Christ and believe His Word, how much faith are you using? Probably around 100%.

Remember what the Bible teaches about pleasing God.  Without faith it is impossible to please Him.

Think about it.  When are you pleasing God the most?  When you feel like it, or when you don’t?

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