How Can We Know Gods Truth? (CMC #12)

II Timothy 2:15 commands us to study God’s Word so we will be able to understand it as God intended.  But the following verse (2:16) warns us to avoid vain and profane babblings because they will eat at our soul like a canker sore, which attacks healthy skin and is very difficult to eliminate.  Profane and vain babblings are definitely something to avoid, and I can’t think of anything more vain and profane than the majority of today’s entertainment choices.
Isn’t it interesting that Paul warned Timothy to abstain from profane and vain babblings right after directing him to study the Word of God.  I believe God was warning Timothy -- and us -- that profane and vain babblings will inevitably undermine the Truth of God’s Word.  Frankly, our entertainment choices can make or break us.  A good way to avoid making the wrong entertainment choice is to take the Christian Music Challenge. 
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