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Do We Confuse God with Santa Claus?

Do We Confuse God with Santa Claus? Do we ever confuse God with Santa Claus?  What a foolish question.  Of course we know the difference between God and Santa Claus.  I can’t imagine any sane person who would purposely confuse God with Santa, but consider these points: 1. Both dwell in distant places uninhabited by humans. 2.  Jesus has promised to return for His own; Santa will return to your town this Christmas. 3. They both see us when we are sleeping or awake. 4. Both have a list, and show a clear concern with “goodness” and “badness.” But note the MAJOR differences between God and Santa: Santa has a “naughty and nice” list, and he only brings toys to “good little girls and boys.” You had better be good because Santa is coming to town with a list that he’s checked twice.  No toys for you if your name is on the wrong list.  This is reinforcing legalism. Jesus likewise has a list.  His list has the name of every believer in His Book of Life. This