50 Prayers for Our Daughters and Sons by Steve Siler

50 Prayers for our daughters and sons
 Steve Siler

Lord I pray that our daughters and sons…

1.  …will be protected from exposure to pornography.

2.  …will learn to honor the dignity and humanity of each individual and treat everyone with kindness and respect.

3. …will develop the inner compass to reject the distorted views of human relationship they see in our pornified culture.

4. …will grow up in a culture that increasingly rejects pornography in all of its forms.

5. …will learn to look to the best interests of others in romantic relationships, treating others the way they would wish to be treated.

6.  …will become adults who see physical intimacy as something sacred.

7.  …will never use sex as a tool to manipulate or to wound.

8.  …will view sex as a gift from God.

9.  …will see sex as something to be shared, not something that is taken.

10.  …will reject voyeurism, unwilling to take something that does not belong to them and giving nothing in return.

11. …will not look for validation or love in the approval of others – particularly with regard to appearance and sexual behavior – but develop a strong inner sense of their worth that is based in an understanding that they are a beloved child of God.

Lord I further pray…

12. …that no girl will think she has to take nude pictures of herself to get a boy to like her and that  ‘sexting’ will become a thing of the past.

13. …that those who have already been damaged by pornography will have their view of sex redeemed and their ability to experience true intimacy restored.

14. …that teachers and mentors would rise up to affirm for them that character matters more than appearance.

15. …that more places of worship will seek to help people find the help they need to break free from the bondage of pornography or heal from brokenness caused by sexual abuse or sexual assault.

16.  …that in the not too distant future advertisers will be called upon to renounce using sex to sell.

17. …that in the not too distant future more film producers will refrain from putting gratuitous sex scenes on the screen.

18.  …that in the not too distant future more television producers will create prime time programming free from sexual innuendo and coarse sexual references.

19.  …that in the not too distant future more music artists and music video producers will feel called to turn away from glorifying causal sex and having women always dress in salacious and immodest outfits.

20.  …that people of faith will rise up and speak for the dignity of all persons.

21. …that people of faith will let their wallets do the talking and pull their support and purchases from companies that profit from pornography or use sex to sell their products – and speak up to retailers when they find material that is displayed within easy view of children to be objectionable.

22.  …that political leaders will hold themselves to a high moral standard, practicing faithfulness in their marriages and refraining from using their position of power to garner sexual favors.

23. …that religious leaders will hold themselves to a high moral standard and set up safeguards that will protect them from scandal and the potential of succumbing to sexual temptation.

24. …that those who create pornography will have a change of heart and that cause them to cease to do so.

25.  …that those who’ve been forced or entrapped into being part of the sex industry will find freedom and healing from the trauma of their experiences.

26.  …that parents will seek strong relationships with their children and have the courage to talk openly with them about sexual issues.

27. …that parents, to protect their children, will be actively engaged in keeping up with changes in technology and the accessibility of inappropriate materials on the Internet.

28.  …that merchants – like Starbucks and McDonalds – and public institutions - like schools and libraries – will be proactive about keeping their patrons safe from pornographic material while online.

29. …that we will learn, as a culture, to look one another in the eye – the window to the soul.

30.  …that prominent spokespeople, especially celebrities and sports stars with influence over our youth, will emerge to speak out on the harms of pornography.

31.  …that our universities will do more to protect women from date rape and create cultures that honor and protect all students.

32.  …that the fashion industry will feel called to a return to modest attire and that this will prove highly profitable.

33. …that the “vampire” craze in youth literature and films will pass as it glorifies violence against women and sexual encounters that are dangerous.

34.  …that male leaders, particularly in the male dominated environments like the military and sports, will rise up to denounce the “boys will be boys” attitude and call for a more honorable view of manhood.

35. …that community leaders, educators, and parents will recognize and work to curb the proliferation of violent and misogynistic video games.

36. …that in the not too distant future the irrefutable brain science on the harms of pornography will become common knowledge.

37. …that in the not too distant future the normalization of pornography created by phrases like “pimp my ride” and “pawn stars” will be considered in horribly poor taste and frowned upon and discouraged in all its forms.

38. …that there will be a new commitment to family and community that gives rise to a paradigm where achievement is consistently valued over appearance, especially for young women.

39.  …that there will be a call for civility in our public discourse that in turn lessens the vulgarity in our media and our personal dialogue.

40.  …that young men everywhere will speak out against objectification of women everywhere they see it or hear it – as if it were being done to their own mother or sister.

41. …that high profile public figures - like former President Bill Clinton - will publicly acknowledge the harm cause by past behavior, ask for forgiveness, and call for a national dialogue on a healthier approach to sexuality.

42. …that women’s rights organizations will be willing to unmask the  “empowerment” claimed by those working in the sex industry.

43. …that “women’s” magazines – like Cosmopolitan - who routinely run sex features will be challenged by women’s leaders.

44.  …that organizations working to tell the truth about pornography – and to help victims of pornography and sex trafficking – will gain more profile and succeed in their efforts.

45.  …that lawmakers will pass and enforce laws that will make it harder for people to profit from the sexual objectification of others.

46. …that, in their lifetime, healthier attitudes about sex will prevail.

47. …that their children will one day inherit a world where it is possible to know the innocent thrill of a first kiss.

48. …that those who have been taken advantage of sexually will find healing and know that they pure and clean in the eyes of God.

49.  …that every girl and every boy will be seen as somebody’s daughter and somebody’s son respectively – as having a family that loves them and a Creator that loves them – and that sexual objectification will diminish all across our land and our world.

50. …that the shades of grey brought on by objectification and abuse will once and for all be chased away by the blinding light of God’s perfect love.


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