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Killing Jesus: What you need to know before watching!

Killing Jesus: The Movie a Review by Al Menconi March 23, 2015 Killing Jesus is premiering Sunday, March 29 @ 8:PM on The National Geographic Channel I chose to read Bill O'Reilly's  Killing Jesus twice because it contained so much historical information that was unfamiliar to me.  It was like a college class.  I was fascinated to learn when and how Rome changed from a republic to an empire.  I loved finding out about the various Caesars, the wars and the descriptions of the despots who ruled the world at the time of Christ.  So when I heard that the Killing Jesus book would be made into a TV movie, I wondered how they would illustrate all that over abundance of information in less than two hours.  Fortunately, they didn’t. Instead, they focused on the man Jesus, enhancing the story of His life with interesting tidbits that the average person would not know.  And let me issue an advance warning: this story of Jesus does not resemble any biography o