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Is the Televison Series "AD" Worth Watching?

The following is my response to the critics of the TV series AD , based on the Book of ACTS of the Disciples.  I received many letters expressing concern that this series is doing the viewing audience a disservice.  Over the past few weeks, my critics were  concerned that the series concentrated on material that wasn’t in Scripture.  The storyline included a major emphasis on Pilate’s cruelty, a secret plot by Jewish leaders to kill Pilate, and the involvement of Pilate’s wife and Caiaphas’s wife in the minor storylines that led to Pilate’s cruelty. People who wrote me were rightly concerned that AD seemed to be a series about Roman harshness and the subplots that led to the harshness instead of the true story of the Acts of the Disciples.  I hesitated to express my concern because I didn't want it to appear that Christians were ungrateful to the team of Roma Downey and Mark Burnett just because they weren't producing the series to our "standar