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MTV Is Changing Our Culture And Values

You and I live in the United States of America, but our children are being raised in the United States of Entertainment and MTV is writing the Constitution The MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) this Aug. 30 at 9:PM/8:PM central will become the topic of conversation in many of the homes in America.  A quick perusal of the VMA’s from their beginning in 1984 to today will show a gradual regression of our nation's moral values to a point where literally "anything goes." The highlights of the first VMAs in 1984 were Madonna singing "Like A Virgin" to ZZ Top singing about girls with good looking "Legs" to Michael Jackson dancing to Thriller. It all seems so innocent by today's standards. Who changed? God's values haven't. For the next twenty years or so, sex, drugs, and rebellion were the key themes of choice. Little by little we learned to accept as normal what used to be sinful. However, in 2003, the Madonna / Britney Spears kiss durin