My Experience With Recovered Memories

I watched much of the Kavanaugh hearings earlier this month and I can honestly say that both his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, and Brett Kavanaugh seemed to be telling the truth.  How can that be when each had a different account of what happened?  Let me tell you my experience with someone who had “recovered memories.” 

In the early nineties, I hired a young married woman named Melody to be my new office manager.  She was wonderfully qualified and a pleasure to work with, but after a few weeks, she “felt a darkness in her soul” and began seeing an independent Christian counselor.  She told me that her counselor helped her remember that she was abused by her parents when she was a child.  She had me convinced, but I didn’t know about “implanted/repressed memories.”

In the following weeks, she “remembered” that her parents, who were members of a large and doctrinally sound church in town, had secretly held satanic rituals at their home involving her when she was a child.  Evidentially she had blanked out these years of abuse but her counselor was helping her “remember.”  She obviously believed what she was telling me.  I didn’t know what to think.

This went on every other week for months.  Her mother, who seemed like a nice lady, came by the office a few times to see her, but Melody refused to even see or talk with her mother.  Melody was convinced that both of her parents had abused her and her brothers were complicit bystanders and she didn’t want to have anything to do with her parents again.  Reluctantly I would tell her mother that her daughter didn’t want to see her and every time her mother pleaded with me to let her just hug her daughter.  She told me that Melody was a wonderful daughter and had a normal childhood.  The mother was devastated that she couldn’t even see or talk to her daughter. 

After many months of taking counseling, however, my employee and her husband simply could no longer afford to keep paying the counselor.  When the counselor suggested they take out a second mortgage on their home to pay for her treatments, her husband put his foot down and refused to refinance their home.  He suggested that his wife see the free counselor at their church. 

Within two sessions with her church counselor, Melody realized that the first counselor had “guided” her memory to believe the falsehoods about her parents.  It’s a long and wonderful story how she reconnected with her parents and how she has become best friends with her parents and the rest of her family for the past twenty-five years.  But that’s not the point my story. 

I am sharing this experience because I am convinced that Ms Ford had a similar “recovered memory” with her counselor, involving Brett Kavanaugh.  I’m certain she believes she “experienced” what she told the judicial committee, but when her “facts” didn’t line up with those of her stated witnesses, it seemed like she had an experience as my former office manager.  Like my friend, Ms Ford was convinced “things” happened to her, but she couldn’t “remember” significant details, nor could others she identified.

As I watched the hearings, I kept thinking that Kavanaugh was responding like Melody’s mother.  Like her, he couldn’t believe what he heard.  Like the mother, all he could do was tell the truth and pray that his accuser would come to her senses. 

I’m glad the truth came out with Melody and her parents, I also pray that Ms Ford will find the peace she is seeking. I hope that this article helps you understand what Ms Ford may have been experiencing. 

Al Menconi

I sent the above article to my friend, Melody, asking if I got all the details correct and for permission to tell her story.  Here’s how she responded in part. 
…Your article was all accurate.  I was surprised at how hard that was for me to read & how sad it made me feel.  But I had to remember that God rescued me ... and He is so faithful!  And I'm so GRATEFUL!!!!  I'm thinking it may be helpful to include the address for the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.  (

They have so much helpful info on false memories and how that works.  It is really hard for people to "digest" that since it is such a foreign concept unless you have been thru it or know someone that has.  That organization was super helpful for me and my parents.  


  1. Good article. I think it is worth noting that Christine Blasey Ford had (has) links to the CIA through her father and others. She also was closely tied to at least one Stanford Professor who was involved with MK Ultra experiments.


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