The Origin Of Racial Tension in America (Summary)

The other day I was explaining to a friend what I learned about the Civil War, slavery, and the South when I was studying to write this blog about The Origin Of Racial Tension In America. She called me a liar when I told her slave owners were all Democrats.  She never was taught it in school and she didn't bother to read my article because —as she says—my series of four articles were too long and too detailed.
Since there are surely others like her, I’ve decided to summarize my research without all the footnotes so it will be easier to read and understand.  I synthesized my article to 25 key points.  If you want to read the full article with footnotes, click on this link: 
Also, I encourage you to do your own research—I read many books and articles before writing this article, but you can find most of my research on the Internet with little effort.
In His service and yours,
Al Menconi
Here’s a brief summary of what I found. 

  • 1.   For most of the early 1800s (1820’s to 1860) the Democratic Party started by Andrew Jackson were the political leaders of our government. 
  • 2.     The Southern Democrats owned slaves and were for slavery.
  • 3.     Many Americans in the North were against slavery but were not organized enough to oppose the Democrats until the Republican Party was formed in 1854 for the specific purpose to oppose slavery.  
  • 4.     In 1860, when Republican Abraham Lincoln won the presidential election, the Southern states refused to accept Lincoln’s victory and withdrew from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America.  It was the first time America didn’t have a peaceful transition of power. Some say Trump's election is a close second.  
  • 5.     The Civil War could have been called the Democrats v Republicans instead of the North v South.  Those in the South were Democrats and much of the North was anti-slavery but not willing to go to war about it until coerced by Lincoln.
  • 6.     When South Carolina attacked Ft. Sumter in the Charleston Harbor in 1861, the war began. 
  • 7.     The details of the Civil War are too long to include here, but history tells us the Republicans won and many Southern Democrats again refused to believe that they were no longer in power.
  • 8.     After the war, prominent Confederate Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to terrorize and lynch hundreds of the newly freed slaves as well as many Republicans who went to Southern states to help former slaves assimilate as freedmen. 
  • 9.     We know Democrat John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln, but most don’t realize Lincoln's Vice President Andrew Johnson was a Southern Democrat and vetoed the Civil Rights legislation proposed by the Republican Congress.  After a couple years of legislative struggling, the Republican Congress overrode Johnson’s vetoes and the House impeached him.
  • 10.  The Republicans passed the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery, but the Southern Democrats imposed so many state restrictions on the former slaves that they might as well still be in slavery. 
  • 11.  The Republicans then passed the 14th Amendment stating that all persons born in the United States were automatically American citizens. This amendment was specifically written for the protection of former slaves from the Democrats chicanery to undermine the 13th Amendment.    
  • 12.  The 15th Amendment prohibits national or state governments from denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen's race, color, or previous condition of servitude. The Democrats figured out how to undermine this amendment within a few years.  See #s 14,15 and 16 below. 
  • 13.  All the above “Reconstruction Amendments” were opposed by Democrats (North and South) and didn’t receive a single Democratic vote.
  • 14.  The federal government under President Grant subdued the KKK but when the federal troops left the South, the Southern Democrats imposed voting and other restrictions on blacks to keep them in submission to Democratic control. 
  • 15.  In 1896, the Plessy v Ferguson decision created the cruel “separate but equal” Jim Crow laws that kept blacks poor and “in their place.”
  • 16.  The Plessy v Ferguson decision gave rise to “white primaries” in the South which only allowed white Democrats to vote in the primaries.  The result was Republicans and blacks were always outvoted and underrepresented in the South.  
  • 17.  In 1915, President Wilson screened the pro-KKK film Birth Of A Nation in the Whitehouse and praised it as a film that “…the great Ku Klux Klan, a veritable empire of the South, to protect the Southern country.” Wilson and this film brought new life to the KKK in America.
  • 18.  Wilson and FDR after him depended on the KKK to support the Democratic Party and give Democrats a “solid South” of voters.  Roosevelt even opposed the “anti-lynching” bill proposed by Republicans to appease his Solid South base. 
  • 19.  In 1944, the Supreme Court overturned Plessy v Ferguson which outlawed white primaries and Jim Crow laws with the hope blacks would have better representation and integration of the races, but the Democrats intimidated blacks with public lynching and bombings.  The Southern Democrats ignored the Court’s decision. 
  • 20.  In September 1957, when nine African American children tried to test the overturned 1944 Court decision and register at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, Democratic Governor Orval Faubus mobilized the Arkansas National Guard to surround the school and prevent the black children from integrating the high school.
  • 21.  After several failed attempts to negotiate with Faubus, Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower took action against the defiant governor by simultaneously federalizing the Arkansas National Guard, removing the Guard from Faubus' control, and ordering one thousand troops from the 101st Airborne Division to oversee the integration. 
  • 22.  In 1957, the Democrats in Congress filibustered and defeated the proposed Republican Civil Rights bill.
  • 23.  In 1964, when Republicans again proposed a Civil Rights bill in Congress, the racist Democrats again filibustered against passage for a record 57 days, led by the Democratic leader and former KKK Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd. 
  • 24.  Recognizing the writing on the wall, racist Democratic president Lyndon B. Johnson was finally able to convince his racist Southern Democrats cohorts in Congress to pass a Civil Rights bill when he promised them if they would stop the filibuster and pass the Civil Rights bill Democrats would have the ni***r vote for the next 200 years. 
  • 25.  1965, Democrats started calling Republicans racists. It seems that if you tell a lie long enough, people will begin to believe it.    
My conclusion is this:  How can a political party make a 180-degree change in policy overnight if they weren’t willing to do and say ANYTHING to stay in power?  And if they were sincere in their change of heart, wouldn’t they explain that they changed and why they changed and apologize to Americans especially African-Americans?  I'm still waiting for them to explain their change in direction and for their apology.    

I’ve had Democrats tell me that Democratic racism was in the past, but that isn’t who they are now.  How do you know?  It seems that the Democratic Party is still willing to do and say ANYTHING to get to and to stay in power.  Even to the point of destroying our laws, our borders, and good honest people's lives and reputations. 

I didn’t vote for President Trump in 2016, but I was willing to give him a chance. And so far, he has accomplished - or is trying to accomplish - everything he promised. Furthermore, he is attempting to change the corrupt structure of the permanent elite class that is presently ruling our country.  The House Democrats responded by impeaching him without cause.  Basically, they hate him because he is in the process of exposing the underbelly of the Democratic Party.  Their only response is to call him names and a name with a history of making poor moral choices.  The real question is, are you willing to put up with a president that may have a flawed personality for the good of our nation?  I am.  



  1. No, I'm not willing to put up with a flawed character as it extends to all in our government and peoples. Sorry Al.

  2. Al,
    OK, the slave owners in the South shared a political orientation called "Southern Democrat" and they forced a civil war to retain their lifestyle and slaves. One of the planks of the newly formed Republican Party was anti-slavery and for many years were consistently anti-slavery and perhaps even pro civil rights in general.
    I have a couple of problems with your presentation. First, your title "Origin of Racial Tension in America". I'm pretty sure it existed before slavery, think Cain and Abel. Race is a convenient reason if you don't have what you want. I also imagine that some Republicans owned slaves and some acted better than and more entitled towards other races. Some Democrats, especially recently in the North, are not racially motive (Kennedy, Humphrey...). Bottom line, I don't see racial tension belonging to one political party and not the others.

    Trump is playing the race card with regard to this hoard of people heading towards our border. I'm sure most of them would just love to have the opportunity to live here under our laws. I suppose there are a few criminals and maybe some terrorists. Trump makes it sound like we all need to be afraid because they are mainly criminals and terrorists. It's a manipulative political stance designed to get votes from scared people. Am I willing to support him as President? Yes, because I find most of the Democratic propaganda equally disingenuous and their economic policies not good for the nation. We are all flawed. Remember JFK?


    1. I wish you had left your name so I would be able to tell if you are joking or not. First, the Republican party was formed as the only anti-slavery party. And 6 of their 9 planks directly called for freedom of the slave and giving them full rights as citizens.
      Second, Cain and Abel lived before America was founded.
      Third, No Republican EVER OWNED a slave.
      Finally, I agree with you. ALL of us are flawed. I'm certain Trump would appreciate your vote for your local Representative who will support Trump's agenda.
      Thanks, Al Menconi

  3. Al, great short explanation of the true Democrat. I have to admit that I try to believe the best in those I come in contact with, but not sure any more of those who stay with a party that continues its big lie...

  4. The Big Lie has indeed been spread throughout our education system and politic. The Dem's were the party of Jim Crow, KKK, Slavery, Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood), and the welfare state. Its an eye opening experience to learn the truth of our history. Marxist ideas have infected our society and schools. Thanks for the writings Al! I will continue to read them.

    In addition, Trump is flawed, we all are flawed. What did we get with Bush and Obama? "Great family men"? I don't know why people think they are better than Trump or deserve someone "more moral". What has "outwardly moral" done for our country? Sending our boys to die in the middle east? Broken down our borders and immigration? Added 10 trillion to debt? Drugged up our young men in schools? Increased our prisons population? Increased the opiod crisis?

    Tell me, what 'holier than thou' person are you waiting on to save the day? Trump kicks some butt, stands up for America, creates a job first environment, doesn't get involved in needless wars, wants to fix immigration, wants to bring jobs back to the US, stands up for religion, etc.... I don't get the hate! If you hate his personality, that's fine! Personality is an incredibly weak reason for not supporting our President. People hate him because we are all like him... weak, imperfect, blemished, sleazy, crude, prideful individuals... Thank God we have someone to lead us and not serve as our moral savior! We already have someone who fills that role!


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