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Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Do black lives really matter?  Of course, they do!  But while a significant portion of “black lives matter” are ad hoc groups of protesters, most  people don’t realize that  Black Lives Matter  is also a misleading name for a radical political organization.  Look it up here:     Last month (May 25, 2020), the whole world saw a video of a rogue policeman choke the life out of George Floyd and 95% of Americans were angered, appalled, and outraged, myself included. He and the policemen who didn’t stop their colleague from killing Mr Floyd should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  I’m an old white man in my seventies and I can’t imagine the amount of pain and frustration that killing of another unarmed black man caused in the black community.  The black community had every right to take their frustration out by protesting and marching against the police and demanding change. Black lives do matter. But you lost me when the rioting, looting, an