Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Do black lives really matter?  Of course, they do!  But while a significant portion of “black lives matter” are ad hoc groups of protesters, most people don’t realize that Black Lives Matter is also a misleading name for a radical political organization.  Look it up here:   

Last month (May 25, 2020), the whole world saw a video of a rogue policeman choke the life out of George Floyd and 95% of Americans were angered, appalled, and outraged, myself included. He and the policemen who didn’t stop their colleague from killing Mr Floyd should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

I’m an old white man in my seventies and I can’t imagine the amount of pain and frustration that killing of another unarmed black man caused in the black community.  The black community had every right to take their frustration out by protesting and marching against the police and demanding change. Black lives do matter. But you lost me when the rioting, looting, and destruction continued even as leaders were agreeing to changes you demanded.  

Old white guys can support black lives and I want to be in your corner in your struggle. But I’m still puzzled by the difference between black lives matter (the ad hoc protesters) and BlackLivesMatter (BLM). Can someone (anyone) tell me what I’m missing?

1) Black lives matter, but how does rioting, looting, and destruction help black lives? 
2) Will publicly declare that they don’t support rioting, looting, and destruction of monuments and other’s property?   
3) Likewise, will BlackLivesMatter refuse to support Antifa?
4) Where does BlackLivesMatter stand on the MLK Jr’s statement: “Judge people by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin?”  
5) If I say “all lives matter” no matter the color of their skin, will I be labelled a racist?  If so, why?  
6) There is no question that some/many police departments need to be reevaluated and be given better racial training.  But do you realize that blacks killed by police have dropped every year for the past five years? 
7) Ten unarmed blacks (8 men and 2 women) were killed by police last year and all but two were killed as a result of a crime they were committing or resisting arrest. Also last year 19 unarmed whites were killed by police. This doesn’t sound like cops are looking to kill blacks.  They need more training in hostile situations.  But your website wants to defund police departments because they want to kill black men. That is not true! The facts prove this.   
8) Will BlackLivesMatter ever be concerned about ALL black killings instead of just the relatively few killed by police? This is something that again, as an old man, I just don’t understand.  Recent statistics show black-on-black killings in The United States averaged more than 5,000 deaths per year!  If black lives really matter why doesn’t the murder of blacks by blacks matter as well?  What am I missing? 
    If you are only concerned about blacks that are killed by police, you should change your name to reflect your limited concern.  It seems logical that with a name like BlackLivesMatter, that you should be concerned about black lives.  Not merely a few black lives that were killed by police.   
9) I read the purpose of BlackLivesMatter on your website and along with other radical ideas, it seems that you also want to destroy the nuclear family structure and overthrow the present government of America and change us into a communistic society.  Can you explain this?

Let me know what you think. 


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